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About the Poem

This poem is about life without Christ, being born again, and trying to give in to one last sin and the consequences and guilt of it.

A Few Visitor Comments

i love this poem! it is a wonderful poem!because my parents did the same thing! and god accepted them back into his life! so this poem is a wonderful poem! and i love it soooooooooooo. much!
I Loved This Poem!
This poem will spread big TIME! I must admit that this poem rekates to alot of teenagers (in particular) and makes them think before they act. I'm a christian myself and i still make mistakes, but it's understandable cause we're humans and make mistakes but by keeping my faith and relying on God my paths will become more clear! It's a GREAT POEM!
Give your life to God once again and He will ensure you a life of true happiness. The happiness that you rightfully deserve. Believe, have faith, have courage and God will get you through anything. I promise. God loves you unconditionally.


I lived a life of darkness
That only sadness could understand
So distracted by the light
But longing the happiness it carried
Till one day
It struck my heart
The emptiness I had grown used to
Made itself known to me
I accepted Christ into my soul
And He gave me joy
The peace I had longed for
For so long
Had found a way to my soul

I lived a life of sunshine
That only happiness could understand
So frustrated by the dark souls
But longing to reach out to them
Till one day
It struck my mind
The way things used to be
Made itself known to me
I accepted the drink into my life again
And he took away the joy
The peace I had longed for
For so long
It found a way out of my soul

I lived one night of guilt
That only conviction could understand
So disgusted by my actions
But longing the forgiveness from the Father
That night
It struck my soul
God loved me
I accepted things I didn't need into my life
Yet He forgave me
And gave me back the peace and joy
That I had longed for for so long
And it will never escape my soul again

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