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I honestly love this poem, I shared it with my classmates, and they love your work.
This poem is great. As dark as it is, it's a great inspiration to those in an absuive relationship. I was in one and it took me a long time to realize that although I cared about this guy, my love was not going to make him stop. Congrats to all that have the strength to walk away from abuse.
Sounds like you could wrap up in a quilt and feel all kinds of love!
This poem is a wonderful poem and the author is a good one who could maybe even write songs. great poem it's so true and we should send it to so many people out there family, friends, teachers etc.
I really enjoyed this poem. I mean to say, I can relate to the subject! I am not the best at time management! Great poem!
This is an exceptional piece of work easily understood by anyone so guilty! :-) . like me. Thanks for the inspiration.
I was actually looking up an old boyfriend when I saw this poem. It made me cry because I felt the same way. Thank you for making it real, that I am not the only one that feels this way!

Poetry Buffet (26-50)

  • by Tim Chambers
    What do we want? Are we sure? What do we see? Is it there? What do we feel? Do we know? Only time and life will tell.
  • by Miss Abagail Mannering
    The poignant history of our great country comes to life through the words of this wonderful poet.
  • by Sweet Madness
    The arts are surely intertwined, and this poetic artist combines verbal skill with the visual talents of a painter.
  • by Rick Thompson
    We all search for meaning. And, often, for much more as well.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    The days of large-scale nuclear testing are past. But the fears are remembered.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    This art form (poetry) reflects the beauty of another art form…
  • by Ginger True
    Our view of Life is often a reflection of our pains, and always a mirror of our past.
  • by Ladycat
    The ultimate enigma in life - What does death really mean?
  • by Redcrow16
    Imagine learning at some point in life that a parent who has raised us isn't our "biological" parent at all.
  • by Joey
    This poem, written by a ten-year old, expresses some very beautiful sentiments.
  • by Al Terego
    We sometimes neglect to consider that our clergy are human beings, and that they, too, experience all of the emotions and passions as do lay-people.
  • by Poetic
    This poet is lost in reverie - and takes the reader along for the dream...

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  • by Shadow
    The dreaded alarm clock - Is there any more dreaded enemy for your morning?
  • by Faye Jones
    There is a specialness than man (and woman) have always found in the simple act of fishing.
  • by Sue
    Live is composed of event after event, many seemingly disjointed and unrelated. But there is always a commonality, and sometimes it's a very surprising one.
  • by Shane Downing
    Some things are more than they may seem.
  • by Meghan Mcguinness
    This is one of the hard-to-classify poems that could go into almost any section. It's about love (unsuccessful, so sad), about life, and it sure has more than a share of humor. But it's mostly about a very important Truth.
  • by Dustin Raymond
    Memories and fantasies can lead us into very strange, unexpected regions of our minds.
  • by Rachel Osborne
    This is a very beautiful and moving poem about a unique place, in a unique time. And the memories evoked.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    A tribute to a very special, very giving group of people.
  • by Rosemary Winters
    Have you seen the movie "Titanic?" If you're willing to look, there are many stories of life and love to be found in the old and forgotten.
  • by Vinny
    Metaphors often hold Truth, and that of course is their power. But, sometimes, the Truth is a particularly ironic one.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    The poet is a very special person, as this wonderful tribute will amply show.
  • by Michael Anderson
    This poem poignantly describes the feeling of helplessness that overcomes us as we realize that disaster is imminent, and we can do absolutely nothing to prevent it...
  • by Angie Cooper
    Death - and the wonderment of what it might be like - is a thought that certainly crosses the mind of every living mortal…
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