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Having spent 15 years in my early life with no R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement), the dream state, I slept like the dead, waking up in the same position as I went to sleep, more tired than when I went to bed. Then with a sudden burst of dreams that hit me, I had no control over my emotions, until an dian shaman helped me find my light. To Shirley, may you shape the clouds with your feet now.

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That was one of the most unique poems I've had the pleasure of reading. It was a great poem, excellent form and all-in-all a fine poem.

Absolute Ruler

I am the absolute ruler in the night
sometimes the day,
I care not your feelings
I have been forever and I'll stay

You can be the biggest or the baddest
I care not, I take you with ease
be you a baby or a whimpering pup
I tear you apart as I please.

I don't care for your sweating body
I don't care if you are having death throws
I know your deepest darkest fears
I know your all, I know your woes

I come in the night with all the powers that be
you have prayed a thousand times to keep me away
I come disguised as a lover, or a rapist not at bay.

No power can resist, no God sent light to shower
I'm the absolute omnipotent ruling power.

Every loss you've had, all the dirty little schemes
every heartfelt loss, every lover's dream.

I can make you cry for a longing lover
Your fears I take and use as my own
I can make you shiver and quiver.

I can let you have your wildest desires
then snatch them back into your heart briers
I can bring to you what you want most
let you dance one last time with a ghost.
make you think things have already happened
misguide, lead you astray and totally confuse
sending your spirit to worlds unknown, completely used.

Your pillow at night you hold I make you believe
it's your longing lover come back to be reprieved.
then as the day light comes I rest to see
what good works I have done to thee

Hours into the night, and sometimes into the day
I still even now invade your memories
and I work without pay.

Signed: Your Dreams.

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