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This poems is about the stars. I have admired them from afar, for most of my life. These are some of my thoughts.

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Very astonishing! First one that actually describes how they appear to be. I'm wrinting a poem about stars to but, mine is not a brilliant as yours.
what a wonderful description of the true beauty that captures my heart,that nothing could ever surpass. I am glad to see that someone loves their beauty as much as i do and can write about it so beautifully. Thank You!
I recently met my soulmate and love of my life. We parted as friends on new years eve. I live in Plymouth, him in Manchester. We've spent the last 2 weeks having a mad, crazy, passionate love affair by phone and text. weird things have been happening in both our lives as a result. We couldn't stay apart any longer so I flew up to Manchester on Monday to see him. We almost devoured each other in the hotel bedroom. The next morning he left after being really cool with me and later phoned to say it wasn't going to work! I'm devastated but just know we're meant to be together. have given him some space but no contact. He is an artist and poet - our thing is STARS a la Van Gough Starry Night. This poem is perfect. We will be back together. Something has spooked him. He asked me to marry him just before we met up. we had met in person a couple of times - we are both ceroc jivers - so knew we were physically attracted. Wish upon a star for us! Thanks x
Thanks so much for a sweet poem, I was looking for something to let our church contacts know how much they were like stars for our ministry! This was a wonderful way to do that! You are very talented!

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I look to the sky at night and admire the beauty of the stars.
I stand in awe of their brilliance;
They are as shining and constant
and they have been since the beginning of time.

They light the heavens and fill our hearts with wonder.
When one burns out, another takes its place;
for they are eternal.
Wherever you are, they guide you from their home high above the earth.
At times, they seem close enough to touch,
as they transport your dreams far away.

Their magic compels us to offer up wishes for their consideration.
They make us realize that even when the sky is the darkest,
a tiny beacon of light still shines through.
They are God's reminder to us that some things really do go on forever.

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My Dad passed away on June 18, 2006. Not only did I lose an awesome Dad on that day, I also lost my best friend. A couple of nights after his funeral, I had been to the nursing home to visit with my Mom. As I was pulling into the driveway of our farm, tears were streaming down my face. I was missing my Dad so badly that I could hardly breathe. So I said, in between my sobs, "Dad, I wish you were here so bad!" As I got out of my car, I noticed one star shining more brightly than any of the others. It then blinked at me three times. I truly feel, deep down in my heart, that was my Dad. He was letting me know that he'll be with me, always. Now, stars are a comfort to me; they remind me of my Dad.
I loved the whole feel of the poem. It really touched me. If you don't mind, I'd like to paint a picture based on it.
This poem is really good. i love looking up at night and seeing the stars, they are a comfort to me.
it is really a lovely poem.
This poem is the basis of life. People want something that will last forever. In our world today that is hard to come by.
stars are undescribeable beauty and mystery in its finest i think they give hope sometimes along with nature too. it is already so perfect i liked this poem because the writer expresses themselve well and writes with passion. never stop dreaming!
this was a great poem. not because i love stars. but because she made me feel he wonder she had for stars.
I really enjoyed this poem. It's very pretty. :-)
This is a very good poem I recomend some more poems by this author
I really liked the poem. My friends and I are really in to the whole stars thing. So it's really kool. So we like how the stars look and how they last forever and your poem just.. said it all in one thing.

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