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Poems on Nature and Beauty

Poems on Nature and Beauty

Beauty, unlike Love or Friendship or even Life, brings its own sweet reward. You don't have to bring Beauty into existence. You don't have to work at it. All that is required is that you appreciate it, as the poems you are about to read surely do.

These poems are about Beauty, but more than that they are about the appreciation of it. In nature. In people. In the situations that make up our daily lives.

Poetry is Truth. And perhaps the greatest Truth any of us can discover is that Beauty exists in our lives, only waiting to be found and recognized. And appreciated.

Poems on Nature and Beauty (1-25)

  • by Nancy Ness
    The vision of graceful loons descending silently upon a calm lake is surpassed only by the exquisite song they sing to each other.
  • by Munda
    None would deny the beauty of music, but not everyone is lucky enough to also feel its magic.
  • by Kamla Mahony
    Often a poet's heart is called to the sea, and joins with rivers to flow there.
  • by Daniel James Burt
    Like a Greek statue, she stands forever captured.
  • by Alwye
    The melody of the sea is not often felt unless one truly listens with their soul.
  • by Sandi Vander Sluis
    There is a beauty in life - even the small and simple life.
  • by Rosemary Winters
    Trees are the lifeblood of our world. If they could speak, what accusations might we hear?
  • by Elizabeth Tew
    Humanity's fascination with the wonder and power of the sea stretches back into prehistory. And forward, into the now.
  • by Dawn
    Beauty can sometimes be best appreciated when it is shared. This lovely poem emphasizes that more than most.
  • by Sherri Anderson
    If there is anything in this Universe that is eternal, surely it must be those twinkling lights above our heads.
  • by Sarah Barsness
    There is beauty in nature. Sometimes, a very personal beauty.
  • by Wag
    There can be beauty even in pain.

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Poems on Nature and Beauty continued

  • by Tinker
    If the slowly moving waters could talk to us, perhaps these are the words they would speak.
  • by Arugula Grub
    A creature so unique, it needs three poems to describe its varied life.
  • by Brendan Hunt
    Inspired by a movie, this poem speaks of the beauty of simplicity.
  • by Carey Lenehan
    There is a quiet, somber beauty to be found in a small town life. As this very talented poet shows us.
  • by James
    There is a beauty to every season, but none symbolize Life more than does Summer.
  • by Rosemary Winters
    The color and beauty of Spring enrich us in ways no other season ever can.
  • by Nancy Ness
    Life, they say, evolved from the oceans. And many of us return to its beauty every day.
  • by Alberto La Femina
    Our world is a very large place. And a very tiny one.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    Is it nature's beauty or a magical spell? Or might it even be both?
  • by Leonna
    How wonderful it is to see the changes of the seasons - and the splendid colors of autumn - and the fun we derive from all of those falling leaves.
  • by Cindy Camilleri
    Where does the wind come from? Or should we, perhaps, better ask where it is going?
  • by Rick Thompson
    Bad weather isn't necessarily bad. It can often be very beautiful.
  • by James Bowie
    Learning to unwind when our daily stress begins to overtake us can be difficult - unless we take the time to read some of this talented poet's work...
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