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Poems by Rosemary J. Gwaltney

The following index of poems includes all of those submitted by the author and subsequently published on the main site. The date the poem was submitted (not necessary published) is also included with each entry. If the author has published poems under more than one category, their poems are grouped by category.

Love Poems

  • 3/5/1999
    There is a comfort in human touches. Especially when the touch comes from one loved dearly…
  • 2/7/1999
    Few things in life can be as intense as Love. And few things can sometimes be as frightening.
  • 1/28/1999
    Finding someone to love can be the most exciting time in a person's life. But re-finding someone, when you thought them lost, can be even more so.
  • 1/18/1999
    Too few people write of the tender beginnings of a long love affair. Is it because not many begun in childhood, last? Well, here's one that did!
  • 1/17/1999
    To marry someone with whom you share a common passion, must be one of life's greatest treasures. I was blessed with such a gift.

Love Poems - Erotic Poems

  • 1/29/1999
    Passion is not the province of the young or those only newly awakened to love. Passion can be found even among those long accustomed to each other's touch.
  • 1/22/1999
    This is a short, very sensuous description of a very special time.

Sad Poems

  • 12/27/1998
    This poem is an effort to express in few words, but a powerful picture, the aftermath of the loss of my little girl, Sheena Rose.

Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

  • 1/29/1999
    When we hurt, we cry. Such is human nature. But only a gifted poet could bring that pain to life with such haunting, beautiful imagery.

Sad Poems - Poems about Death

  • 4/16/1999
    Talented poets often know the right questions to ask. But perhaps no one, not even the poets, have yet to find the right answers.
  • 1/19/1999
    Some promises are never realized, and some memories will never fade.
  • 1/17/1999
    This was written in memory of my little lost daughter.

Poems on Life

  • 3/13/1999
    The beautiful poem defies categorization. It's about love and sorrow, about wisdom and maturity - but mostly it's about Life.
  • 1/15/1999
    With sharp, clear memory, complete with hair-raising sound, I recall the eerie and haunting moaning of the wind in the blizzards of my prairie childhood.
  • 1/8/1999
    I believe this poem speaks for itself - a silent cry in the wilderness.

Poems on Life - Family Poems

  • 3/16/1999
    One of the great beauties of a long-lasting love is the memories of battles fought and won - together.

Poetry Buffet

  • 1/16/1999
    When a loved one is forcibly taken from us, a talented poet will often see things differently than might the ordinary woman.

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