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Passions in PoetryLord Alfred Tennyson
1809 - 1862

English poet and dramatist, generally considered to be the chief representative of the Victorian age in poetry. Tennyson's major works include his Poems. Chiefly Lyrical (1830); his two volume work, again entitled Poems, of 1842 which includes, alongside rewritten earlier works, the dramatic monologue 'Ulysses', 'Morte d'Arthur' and 'Sir Galahad' - his first pieces dealing with Arthurian legend, 'Locksley Hall' and 'Break, Break, Break'; the novella Princess: a Medly (1847) and his In Memorium A.H.H. (1850), a tribute to his deceased friend Arthur Hallam.

Other major works, this time from Tennyson's second period of creative out put after being made poet laureate, include Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington (1852), The Charge of the Light Brigade (1854) and Maud (1855), what Tennyson referred to as his "monodrama".

He also wrote, in later years, a number of works centred on Arthurian legends, including The Idylls of the King (1859), The Holy Grail and Other Poems (1870) and Gareth and Lynette (1872), as well as some poetic dramas: Queen Mary (1875), Harold (1877), Becket (1884) and, his only prose work, The Promise of May (produced at the Globe Theatre in November 1882). Other important works are Despair (1881), Locksley Hall Sixty Years After (1886), Demeter and Other Poems (1889) and his famous Crossing the Bar (1889). At Alfred's request, his poem "Crossing the Bar," an epitaph of sorts, is always printed last in any collection of his works (our thanks to visitor Cynthia R. for reminding Passions of this oversight).

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Lord Alfred Tennyson
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Available Poems Size
After-Thought 641
All Things will Die 1,390
Amphion 3,523
And ask ye why these sad tears stream? 951
Audley Court 3,948
The Ballad Of Oriana 2,492
Beautiful City 252
The Beggar Maid 587
The Blackbird 930
Break, break, break 559
Break, Break, Break 550
The Burial Of Love 920
By An Evolutionist 1,354
The Captain 2,208
The Charge Of The Heavy Brigade At Balaclava 7,460
The Charge of the Light Brigade 1,506
Circumstance 395
Claribel 611
Come Down, O Maid 1,374
Come not, when I am dead 454
Cradle Song 486
The Daisy 4,023
The Dawn 1,458
The Day-Dream 11,350
Demeter and Persephone 6,958
The Deserted House 687
The Eagle 241
A Farewell 517
Flower in the Crannied Wall 237
In the Valley of the Cauteretz 514
The Lady of Shalott 5,612
The Letters 1,791
The Lotos-Eaters 2,057
Lucretius 12,359
Morte D'Arthur 12,158
Northern Farmer. New Style 3,801
Northern Farmer. Old Style 4,211
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal 608
The Progress Of Spring 5,165
Recollections Of The Arabian Nights 5,554
The Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet 6,569
Song: A spirit haunts… 943
The Spiteful Letter 875
St Simeon Stylites 9,804
Tears, Idle Tears 902
Tiresias 11,106
Tithonus 3,368
To the Rev. F.D.Maurice 1,796
To Virgil 1,547
Ulysses 3,078
Wages 589
Enoch Arden &c.
Enoch Arden 40,187
Aylmer's Field 37,804
Sea Dreams 13,821
The Grandmother 8,310
Northern Farmer 5,049
Enoch Arden &c. - Miscellaneous
Tithonus 3,387
The Voyage 3,879
In The Valley Of Cauteretz 505
The Flower 650
Requiescat 307
The Sailor-Boy 902
The Islet 1,410
The Ringlet 1,808
A Welcome to Alexandra 1,431
Ode Sung At The Opening Of The International Exhibition 1,576
A Dedication 637
Enoch Arden &c. - Experiments
Boadicea 5,579
In Quantity 690
Hendecasyllabics 865
Specimen of a Translation of the Iliad in Blank Verse 1,176
Idylls of the King
Dedication 2,321
The Coming of Arthur 23,286
Gareth and Lynette Part 1 32,079
Gareth and Lynette Part 2 31,508
The Marriage of Geraint 37,554
Geraint and Enid 43,031
Balin and Balan 28,075
Merlin and Vivien 43,507
Lancelot and Elaine Part 1 32,419
Lancelot and Elaine Part 2 31,671
The Holy Grail 40,811
Pelleas and Ettarre 27,302
The Last Tournament 34,447
Guinevere 31,041
The Passing of Arthur 21,074
To the Queen 3,011
In Memoriam
Intro to XIX 16,089
XX to XXXIX 14,334
XL to LIX 13,779
LX to LXXIX 14,105
LXXX to LXXXIX 13,281
XC to CIV 15,460
CV to CXIX 12,266
CXX to CXXXI 13,295
The Princess - Prologue 10,646
Part I 11,480
Part II 20,736
Part III 16,296
Part IV 26,304
Part V 24,859
Part VI 17,317
Part VII 15,689
Conclusion 5,322
Crossing the Bar - per Tennyson's Request
Crossing the Bar 528
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