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Passions in PoetryJonathan Swift
1667 - 1745

Irish satirist and novelist. Best known for Gulliver's Travels (1726), two other important pieces are The Battle of Books (1697) and A Tale of Tub (1704). He wrote many political tracts and poems: in total his work includes around 150 separate prose writings, 280 poems and 750 known letters.

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Jonathan Swift
Poetry | Biography
Available Poems Size
A Description of a City Shower 2,966
A Description of the Morning 854
Elegy Upon Tiger 1,591
A Maypole 858
Mrs Frances Harris's Petition 5,158
Oysters 431
The Place of the Damned 899
The Sick Lion and the Ass 1,385
Stella's Birthday - March 13th 1727 3,107
To Stella, Who Collected and Transcribed His Poems 5,187
Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift 19,724
Passions in Poetry > All Poems > Classic Poetry > Jonathan Swift > Algernon Charles SwinburneGo to next Poet
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