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I'm a 13 year old girl at high school. My friends and I love to muck around with boys but sometimes, for some people it goes TOO far. I call my liking for guys Fun Love. And at my age I hope it just stays that way!

Fun Love

It's Fun Love,
I like it that way.
No need to push or shove,
Fun Love ain't goin' away.

A hug and a kiss,
A card and a rose.
When I'm away it's HIM I miss,
I hope of this he knows.

But I'll take it no further,
Not because I am scared.
Because if it's a child I'll have to nurture,
HE'LL act as though he never cared.

So at Fun Love I'll stay,
And stick to my fun.
I don't want to be driven away,
From LOVE, I don't want to turn and run.
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23 Visitor Comments

i luved it. it got through to me. that poem was very touching
i really like your poems.
it was a very lovely poem
how true
I really love this poem, because I myself am 13, and I feel like I can relate to it so much.
this is a good and true poem. i feel it.
rock on! its awsome how u relized that at ur age (and mine) u know too that having fun is good, and u don;t need LOVE now! nice work dude
I realy liked it because what the girl did in the poem is something a lot of girls wouldnt do, and she made the right decision. and it really is how guys act when u break up with them because u wanna wait and it relates to a lot of teen girls
This is a nice poem that you wrote in 1999. I'm 13 right now and this what I think of when I'm with a boy to it nothing but fun love.
some of my friends are having babies and he is talkin about a Michael Jr. Now i will send him this poem to let him know that i'm not tring to have sex or any kids. i'm so proud of girls like you that can speak their minds and not be afraid. God gave you a great gift and i haope u use it wisely. GOD BLESS!
heheh i love the poem its so cute and so true good job
hey!~! jus wanted to say that i couldnt of put that any other way! im 13 and i jus like to have fun cuz im afraid to get serious and then getting hurt so im glad other peeps my age feel tha same that we should jus have fum with love!~!
Your poem was really cute keep up the good work.
i like it it make me think:) that love is a fun, but also can hurt. when you play that game
that was an awesome poem! i think thats really good!that means alot to me becasue i feel the same way!
I always go out with some one then we brake up then we are the best of friends and do every thing. i all ways like to just hang out and just befriends.
I seriously feel this poem, I mean that is basicaly how I feel about love and stuff. I honestly wish that more people were like that. and I would have to say on a scale from 1-10 this poem is a 10.. I am a poet my self so I feel this poem is real.
I like that poem. It's really nice and you're totally right. Unfortunately at first for me love wasn't that fun.I let myself dive into the pain. I couldn't stop my pain with past relationships.But through those experiences I learned that love should be fun and not that serious,cause I'm still young.So now I don't let myself dive deep into a crush and I'm much happier this way.
good on you, girl. If only I had the same thoughts when I was your age I would have no regrets now that I am 17. Remember this, and don't let any GUY ever change your mind!
I like this poem, because I like all poems with love in it, but especially because I like reading poems with funny stuf in it! Bye Pauline
you are in the right and i think all the teenagers should read this poem.
This poem is exactly how I feel too. Very well put!
This is a great poem..

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