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So many times in our lives, things come across us and we don't realize until later how much they really meant to us. This can also be said about people. And most adults tell me "Take advantage of your do not yet know it's worth." But I disagree. I realize I have a power in my youth that drives me to be what I am and appreciate all I have. And I may not know a lot about love yet, I still have a ways in life to go, but the understanding I already have of it is more beautiful than anything I have yet to see. So here's my poem about the beauty of youth and love.

Is It Happening Again?

The first time it happened,
I knew it was great.
But something inside
turned beautiful love into hate.

After being hurt,
too many a time,
I started realizing,
my heart wasn't his. my heart was mine.

I let go of the
greatest thing I ever knew.
without knowing why,
not even a clue.

But the more I think of it,
I realize now.
I had to be my own person,
I no longer knew how.

I'd became a part of him,
became a part of his soul.
All things come to an end,
even love has a toll.

But I swore that I would
never do that again.
My mind told me no,
but my heart had to win.

My first love caused
too much pain to bear.
So why am I in love again??
Life is never fair.

You've changed me for the better,
you've opened me up.
Taken me out of my shell,
with your sweet gentle touch.

But this love too,
I know it will end.
But I know enough now
to make sure you're my friend.

See love of the heart,
is a very confusing thing.
it can't be represented
by a bracelet or ring.

But a friend's love is
something that will never change,
no matter how high it goes,
or how far the range.

So all I know is to
warn you of this,
nothing is as painful
as a lover's dead kiss.
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27 Visitor Comments

this poem is really great!i can so relate
this poem really touched my heart it really helps me in my situation but i'm hoping I got the right message that you meant for that poem if not then you still did an awesome job way to go! -Gaby
Omg this tottally relates to me i love it
man, i can relate to this poem, i really like it, you have talent
Your poem was really great. And yeah i can really relate to that. I am 15 and i seem to fall over and over again, and it is like i know that one day it will come to a end, but i guess it is fun while it last.
I enjoyed this poem a lot. It makes me think of the loves I once had, and now lost, and the love I have now, and the fear that too will go away.
Great poem. But, girl, remember everything happens for a reason! Keep your head held high, and you will be able to find the right guy! give LOVE a chance, and you will be fine.
That was a great poem. I can totally relate
Your poem is so wonderful, it made me cry. I am 12 years old and this is exactly what happened to my mother. She stayed with my father even though then never loved one another and now she has found the love of her life. Bless You! I give your poem a 10 out of 10.
OH MY GOD..i can so relate to this poem.your a great poet..i hope you keep writting..your very good at it..and you should be proud..because you have a wondeful talent! :)~
This poem is the best poem I've read in a long time. Its really good, it made me relize a lot of things. It helped me get through a really hard time. Thanx
i love ur poems it reminds me of my sister and her bf she really liked it to
I really enjoyed this poem she is a very good writter & girl you know the scoop all guys will end up screwing up no matter what but there are plenty out there so be optimistic! Love will always be there!
girl that is so true.I am feeling this poem to the fullest i been hurt be4 and i know u promise yourself over and over that it wont happen again but when u in love your heart just flow.I so,agree with you on this poem and GOOD LUCK!
OMG gurl that is so good, and I can totally relate. THe same thing happened to me and I swore I'd never fall inn love again, but now I am with this really sweet guy who I love with all my heart. Keep up the good work please!
Kristen, Girl you have much skillz!. I understand where you coming from i fell in love for the first time and it broke my heart into pieces, but I decided to give love another try and you should too. Love can always mean more then just saying "I love you" Maybe the person your with now has other intentions then letting you go. Good luck on love the second go round
This poem is the bomb! keep up the great job, and i hope you have more great poems out.
i really like this poems. i can feel refrence in a situation i'm in now. this surely is going to help me out.
I love this poem it says exactly how i feel about this kind of situation.
An Absolutly wonderful poem, You have great talent.
This poem is so great that words alone can not describe it. I wish that my poetry was as good as this poem. :)
I loved this poem and i could toatlly relate. i have read many poems from this site and by far this is the best yet. keep up the good work Kristen. You have a real talent.
This is a great poem. I don't know how to say why, but it's really nice for the author to just speak out what teens nowadays feel and think about love.
This poem is really good.It describes something that happened to me too!
It really tells about how love/life is!
This poem is really good! She expresses what other young kids are going through but afraid to speak out.
I love this peom! If there is and other peoms by this person is there any way to you could get a hold of me. I would really like that. Thanks a bunch!

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