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My poem basically describes growing up and the many pains and joys of it. Speaks of countless times of pain and loneliness and getting past them.

I'm 13 and I will be turning 14 in April. My only wish in writing at first was for people to know my heart and soul. But now it's for many reasons. I want to let those who feel alone in chaos and darkness to know that someone understands them.

Lost And Always Found

Too far from home I've wandered
dreaming of my life to be,
And of old traditions come and gone
and songs I used to sing and like.
The small clothes I used to fit
and pictures of me years before.
I remember my school teachers, my foes
and my friends that I have lost.
The few that I have kept
and the loves that have been torn.

Any pain or failure I have seen
and any great achievement I have made.
Things have changed so much,
yes it's true,
but I have learned so much, too.
Experiences and feelings
have built me to anew.

I remember when I felt like giving up,
and I know I can live on,
'Cause I have
and I will.
Imagine if I had let go,
and lost all I have gained.
Life would be a blur.

But I can see things clearly now,
Although sometimes I fall astray.
The sun shines down on me,
although darkness often surrounds.
My choices show who I am
and shape the future of my life,
And I never forget where I came from
and all I have overcome.
I realize now that I can be lost
(for a time)
But I will always be found.
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5 Visitor Comments

Very good poem.
I am 18 years old and I think this poem is the best poem I have read. It relates to the author but it also relates to many people that read it. Like me. I really liked it a lot.
I'm an immigrant too and I really thought whatever you said was true.I had those same feelings when I moved from my hometown. I love your touched me.thanks for sharing it with me..:) take care.
i like this poem a lot, it totally agrees w/ how i feel, i hope this person continues to write.
Very good poem, it describes how I feel.

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