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This poem was written in a very open state of mind I was in and I felt I had to let someone who was maybe going through something similar know they are not alone.


I want more from this world than heartache and pain,
Always wondering, are my actions in vain.
I need more from you than what you can give,
Lots more love would be a reason to live.

My problems are more than I want to explain,
You will now hear the reason for all my great shame.
I have no friends, but everyone is in my face,
To me I care less but why is it that way?

My family is a mess and that's not all,
My relationship has no increase - just a declining fall.
Now you can see my life is no fun,
Plus no way is it over - it's just begun.

I say I want more than I can receive
My life is now over, I've come to believe.
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15 Visitor Comments

girl i like that poem good job.
your poem has my name written all over it.
This poem was everything I'm feeling right now. Its almost like you wrote this about my life, like you looked into my heart and wrote everything I was feeling into this incredible poem.
I like your poem because it says everything you and everyone else may feel. I know I want more in life. More of everything except the harsh and cruel things that life has purchased. I give you a 9.
I think that your poem is good, but I have a few things to say about it. A few months ago, I thought my life was the worst life there could ever be. then i realized that its not adn I need to stop complainig about it and just live life the best I can. I now know that I have parents who care about me and who give me alot of just to make me happy! You should find the good things in life before you just settle on the bad. Life is much better when you do!
I loved your poem, sometimes this is how i feel too but honeslty when you find something to be happy about u were realise how stupid u were thinking otherwise. I felt like this too and then i became a christian and man do i now realsie how stupid i was. things are not always gunna be good nor make u happy but thats a parta growing up. remember if u believe u can make it through, you will!
that was a great poem that does not relate to me but there are many teens that are going through that
I really felt your poem . It's kind of like my life. Thanks for sharing it.
I have days like this sometimes and I always figure I'm the only one becuase I don't talk to anyone about how I feel. But, my friends do talk to me and I've recently realised I'm not alone in the way I feel, everyone goes through it at some point. It was just reassuring to feel that I wasn't alone.
I think this poem is very good cause you can tell it's from a person point of view in there life.
nice poem. this poem doesnt go to me but it goes to some one i know. and this poem would sure cheer her up thanks this poem is great. you get ********** (10 stars)
this is a very good and moving poem it dose not relate to me but it does to my friend and i know she will love to get it and would like it as much as i do thanx and im looking forward to reading more of your poems.
I'm going through the same thing and your poem let me no some one nows how crappy I feel
I like this poem a lot, it sounds just like my life. I thank you for posting it.
This was a good poem and it sums up a lot of what teenagers feel and are afraid to say. This is a poem I would read to a teen to show they're not alone.

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