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This poem goes out to all the "cool" kids out there. The title came from one of my best friends, Caleb. Every time someone would say or do something stupid he would say "You know man, that's pretty sad" in this hilarious accent. I'm just trying to bring to everyone's attention how lame it is to try and be "cool".

You Know Man, That's Pretty Sad

"Cool" kids like to think they're hot stuff
And everyone else ain't cool enough.
We're supposed to follow their bullshit fads.
You know man, that's pretty sad.
They call me a fool
'Cause I never cared what's "cool".
They won't give me a chance
They say that I'm sick.
'Cause I won't sell-out,
I won't be a trendy prick.
Life's not what they think.
They're not always what they seem.
It appears they love
To mess with my self-esteem.
I'm not what they think
Life's not what they've thought.
I am who I am
And I do what I want.
When will individuality come into style?
I hope it won't be a while.
I don't need the "cool" kids
I've got better friends.
I don't care for the "cool" crowd
And all of their bullshit trends.
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69 Visitor Comments

You know everyone thinks you have to fit in, I know to be myself and things will work out. Sometimes you dont always have the best of friends but as long as you live life to the fullest and be yourself, life will work out! That poem was so honest!
I really loved this poem. I am a senior in high school and I know all the hell the "cool" people can put you through just for being different.
Awesome poem!. man thats pretty true. Courtney
How come kids at my school can't think that way? You know? Don't change the way you think. If you did, well, you know man? That would be pretty sad! (:
This poem really touched me, it fits into my reality. I belive every word of this poem is true. i hope all the "cool" ppl read this a have a bit of sense knocked into them. thanx for the poem.
this poem say the thruth i like it
hey umm i liked that poem becuz all the cool people think they r cool and they treat us like dirt so i think that ur poem is tru and it touched me
i love this poem! its so true!
I loved this poem. It kicked! Don't change the way you think.
i really like your poem and i belive in everything you were sayin
dude, your poem rocked! I wish everyone in this world would read it, then they'd think differently, we could all be who we want without being shunned an stuff
I really loved this poem! Yep- its the way i see school- i go to school to learn and to get an education- i dont go for that horseplay and stuff and thats why i don't talk to many students in my school because they all "talk" and gossip and they think they are cool and i get along better with adults. I don't think i could find a single person that is not an adult that i feel comfortable talking with. and i just look up to my teachers and family
I loved this poem because what the poet says is absolutely true. Sometimes I feel like that. Evertime I feel angry because of the "Cool Kids," I will always think of this poem and remember that I have true friends that will be there for me. Keep writing 'cause this poem really touched me.
dude i really like your poem i wrote a poem like that myself i dont think its important what clothes you wear or how much moneyyou have whats important is your personality and who you are thats what really matters
This poem kicks. It speaks to me. Thats how I see school.
This poem is awesome. It tells the truth man, all ppl. think about these dayz is what you look like, or their to worried about their looks, and see you dont dress and act like them, so they dont give you the tyme of day!
This is a great poem! Totally makes sense and is very well worded. Kicks!
You Poem is so true! you are a wonderful poet. Keep writing!
Very good, I love it!
yeahp, ur so right! i feel just like that! i really dont get what the deal is about selling put and being trendy. why? why people? why do you do it?! im a mosher/skayer myself and i get loads of abuse from townies for not caring about their stupid trends. they should SO read this poem!
i luv your poem as it just discribes me at school every one says mean stuff because i dont were my hair in a pony tail like all the other girls and im not as pritty as them i think this world is going to fall apart
This poem is totally awesome, i understand every sentence and what you're saying, you rock!
This is so true. I love this poem
i like this..attitude and truth.
dude thats an awesome poem. i totally agree. around other people im nothing but me
This poem was the greatest poem i've ever read.
i really liked this poem, it really does make people, think, i mean alot of people try to be cool, when deep down, they just wanna be there own person, and not have to be like everybody else
i think this pom is great
I have a ton on respect for this poem I am one of those cool kids and I think it is pretty pathetic that the "cool kids" treat the "dorky" kids like crap i try not to but alot of my freinds do and because of your poem im going to tell them to knoke it off because they are cold as metal people.
hhmm.what can i say besides agreeing 100% with this author?hope the so called "cool-crowd" get offended by this.YOu know who u are.
This Poem Ment a lot, im in the middle crowd...and sometimes the "cool" people tend to be nice but sometimes if your not doin somethin cool then..its not right! This poem taught me that i can be myself..and i that i don't have to worry what they think they should accept me for me..this poem was written well..congrats!
This poem is awsome and speaks the truth
You just go!..i think so too!.'cool' kids are just freaking "wanna bs"
Well, I never to this day would have believed that I would find a poem like this, and believe me I am so glad I did. I am very impressed and completely understand what you are talking is not hard to understand for anyone if they would actually consider thinking on their own about it but I say where I live that is asking to much from what I have dubbed to be the "clones". They aren't all bad, but they really annoy me because they cant do anything on their own; they just have to have the approval of others. I am just glad to see that there are more people like me and my friends out there.
ROCHE, i liked that poem alot better than the SKATER 1, im ur friend & we dont need the "cool" crown aight.
your so right. i always say the same thing whenever people call me a spaz or say im dum cuz i dont wanna wear gay ass fooboo and pay $200 for some jordan shoes. i dont have to be a conformist to be who i wanna be.
well, I'm a teen myself and I just have to say that this poem shows the feelings of many teens. I try to be myself as much as possible, I try not to care what other people say about me. But in a world like this, it's hard not to follow trends and just be who you are. I admire people who are actually just being themselves and acting according to what they feel and think and not what other people want them to do.
this is a tight poem. i mean sure i might wear something that people would classify as "cool" but i don't care what other people think. i don't buy something because of what someone says. i buy it because i like it and it's my style.. PeACE
I liked this poem but popular kids arn't always like that! I am popular and I have never treated anybody less than me. I treat everone as a friend~ And I am very diffrent from everybody else~ I wear diffrent clths and I wear mt hair diffreant too! Popular kids arn't always like that but most of the time they are
this poem rocks
I really like this poem, because I think its time that the "cool" kids know how they make us not so "cool" kids feel...I mean, is what they are doing really that cool?
i love your poem. you aint even fake at all. i hate trendy people too! you dont even know. i like how you try to be original. word up. peace!
I love this poem because it is sooo true! I feel the same way as the author! I can really realate to him
This is a very true poem. I really enjoyed reading it.
THAT IS AN AWESOME POEM. I sometimes feel that same way, and it was described exactly how i feel....that was sooo good.
Oh my god this poem is like the greatest poem I've ever read!!!!! It states the truth so well!! It's just sooooo GREAT!!! I wish I had a copy!!
im glad to know that there are people out there who really dont care what the "cool crowd" thinks!Dont spend the rest of your life trying to be like them half of them dont know how to have fun because theyre to busy sitting around talking crap about everyone else!!!
that was awesome and made a bold statement and it tells the truth about so many things
this poem was awesome, and i can totally agree with what you're sayin' in it. everyone knows this is goin' on in their school, but no one wants to say it, way to go, man. you rule..
The "cool" group at my school down to the last word.
What can I say? I feel the same way. I onlt wish I could express it the way he di. Good job!
This Poem says it all. I admire the person who wrote this poem beacuse he speakes for all other teens that feel this way. Not lonely but who see that the cool kids do start "fads". And alot of teens at there age don't see that or they basicaly don't care beacuse all they want to do is fit in and that to me is SAD!!! I'm am one who sees deep donwn inside of ignorant so called cool kids like that!
That poem was really straight foward and i think it was great - good luck
Very true and Its about time someone stoodup to them
i think the poem is good with the rythm but some of you people have no idea what popular people do and say just to be cool u know i have tryed getting out its virtualy impossible they always pull you back in i must say that there is another poem on herecalled have mercy and that made me feel really bad about some stuff i did to other kids but without trend life is nothin
i dont think that this poem is cool.cause these "cool" kids your talking about includes me.we arent superfical like you think,we have feelings, you judge to much, and you think we judge im not thinking choose what you want to wear and we will choose what we want to wear and how we act..maybe people make fun of you cause you ask for it.cause i know the people that dress all skaterish of freakish are pretty damn mean to me and my friends and think that im just alittle snob..well they dont care about me why should i care about them..think about it!
I love this poem! I agree with Roche, we're not gonna sell out! Who cares what they think of us? It's only important what the people who matter in our life think about us, because the know us and care.
I am glad someone has finally spoken the truth. I was listening and I hope more are too.
like it....
This poem says what most people are afraid to say
This is a great poem that all "cool" kids should read. Maybe it will knock some sense into their pea size brains.
Great poem Rock solid
i think this poem really relates to what most teens face and feel in school. when they want to be so popular, they strive to get there. and sometimes they really go too far. this poem is great, and all should read it!
i know that the person who wrote this is telling the truth kids who think their"cool" r selling themselves short and hiding their true image.
I really liked this poem because I'm sick of having the cool crowd at my school. I think that the author is a really good poet.
hey.... u got some good stuff comin out there. keep et up

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