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This poem was written based on the general feelings I get when some girls at school treat me like trash.

Dust In My Eyes

She treats me like garbage
To the gutter I go
Why she abuses me like this
I'll never know
I'm hurtin' from her cold words
The cruel things she said
They ring in my ears
They burn in my head
And I'm choking on her false truths
I can't deal with her lies
God knows how much I'll take
She's dust in my eyes
Every time I speak
She throws another fit
Her self-righteous act
Makes me wanna spit
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15 Visitor Comments

it shows how it feels to get torn down!
this is how feel about mother and step sister is that they put me out wiht the trash or to hte side . my own mother told i wasn't the yuongest of the family so i don't matter that killed my soul every since my mother told that i don't even talk to all we do is fight i hate my life
I like this poem its great it reminds me of my relationship with my mother
your poems is so true 2 me that has happened in my lifetime so keep wat u doin' i can feel it god blessing u right.
hey, i really liked your poem, it made me realize how much damage someone (i) can do. thanks, it was really great
Man This poem is very touching I give it a 100+++++++++++++
this poem is preety 4 a mom that treats you bad this is a woderful poem
This poem is great I give it a 100++ for this poem Great Job ceap it up. :)
I liked it. It was short and most importantly got to the point. I hope that people can learn form this.
yea im feelin you in this poem, i felt like this at once when i just transffered to a new school in 7th grade, it sucked big time. well hope you got over that
i liked this poem a long with your other ones including the sk8er i think its cool how you can express your honesty in your poems .keep writin
I love your straight foward approach. Just get the anger out.
I really loved this poem because it's like the mean girl doesn't even know what she is doing to this other girl!! Very sad!!
That was a great poem with a lot of feeling. Just don't worry about what people like them have to say. Who are they to judge. Besides God is the final judge in the end.
very true have same problem

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