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This is a villanelle about my best friend who is in a Juvenile Detention Hall.

Loosen The Chains

I wish I could loosen the chains on my friend,
I wait for the day when she will become free.
She's summoned a fate which I can't comprehend.

Someday she'll come home and our friendship will mend,
For now I will pray but alone I will be.
I wish I could loosen the chains on my friend.

Although she has the kindest soul god could lend
Her troubles were much too heavy to carry.
She's summoned a fate which I can't comprehend.

Fourteen years old is a young life to descend
She's been locked away and it's no use to plea.
I wish I could loosen the chains on my friend.

A life filled with misery she can't pretend.
She showed me her terrors but I couldn't see,
She's summoned a fate which I can't comprehend.

I'm praying that one day this pain will all end.
I'm waiting, I'm wishing she'll return to me.
I wish I could loosen the chains on my friend,
She's summoned a fate which I can't comprehend.
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26 Visitor Comments

Thank you. This showed something important and deep, the true meaning of friendship.
hey this is a really goog poem !
"its sad to see friends in chainswithout any help that could get her out" this poem made my day a living day for me to be free, if you know what i mean.
I love this poem! It fit my lifestyle at this momnet very perfectly. it made me want to cry because of it! It touched me so much!
This really stood out in a good way and I'm sorry about your friend.
OH how CUTE to bad my best friends aint in juvienle detetion center hall whatever she's in a better place on earth in HEAVEN :'(
this is a great poem
A very touching poems about teenagers. The content is filled with sorrows and Sadness. I like it alot.
That's an Awesome poem. I know how you feel. My brother's in juvie, and he's my best friend ever! good luck w/ your friend.
Hey, yea I like your poem but it was the reason why you wrote that really stood out. My parents dont really like me and they want to send me to juvinalle detention so I hope your doing ok and remember God works in mysterious ways so hang in there.
wow this is a poem thats ment to be for someone like me. I have so many problems in life and i am always so depressed and so un happy. w/out my friends i dont know what would have ever happend to me. I love them all for always being there to help me through w/ a lending hand. I luv you guys Always. Promise. Kate
it brought me to tears that is a wonderful poem you did such a great job
Its always hard to be away from a friend, it feels like your world should just end. Just be there for your friend always through thick and thin. Me and my best friend are goin through the same thing.
Your poem really effected me. Most poems written by other people don't do anything to make me feel for that person, but yours did they. It was awesom and keep writing, ur really amazing.
Really moving. Made me cry. I hope all is well and all is mended.
This poem totally says it all! I really love the emothion that was put into it.
Hey Gurl- I so relate to ur poem. My best friend Olivia, which i have known for a very long time she is in juvie again and this poem made me kind of feel better. I really like it, it realtes to Olivia and me. Thanx gurl.
I have a friend that is taken in to easy by certain people and she always forgets that i will always care for her in any situation and i will always love her!
this was a very good poem it reminded me of my brother
Your poem was beautiful. Sometimes it seems like the bonds of life are somewhat like the bonds of that friend of yours. We don't comprehend what others have gotten themselves into. You're poem shows the meaning of true love for your friend, staying with her no matter what. Thank you for showing your heart to us through your poem.
it was a very good poem
I just want to say the poem is great and i hope you can loosen your friends chains and i also found you story very tuching so tuch you had a 12 year old in tears
Thank you so much your poem about your friend said everything i wanted to say about my sister
i really loved that poem,, it related a lot to my situation...
Very emotional and good poem.
That was such a beautiful deep.theres only one word i have to say. WOW!

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