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This poem was written for a very close friend of mine named Daniel, who has always been there looking out for me through the good and rough times. He is sincere, honest, and my best friend in the world. Sometimes, I think that I want this friendship to be more, and this is what this poem is about, that no matter what happens, I can always trust we will be there looking out for each other.

My Guardian Angel

You hold my hand when I am weak,
And vulnerable at times.
And as you smile I cannot help
But turn my lips upward,
And duplicate the joy
Which lays spread across your face.
When I am sad or unsure,
You make me laugh.
And as you look into my eyes,
They seem to glitter and sparkle
With such energy and life
That I have never seen before.
And it makes me want to be closer to you
All the time.
And even when I am happy and content,
You are there for me.
Just in case I should happen to tumble or fall.
And as you laugh your sound carries across the room,
And it makes me want to be a better person.
As we go along together,
I realize how lucky I am
To be sharing my life with someone as special as you.
You are my everything;
My comfort, my weakness, my joy.
And I thank God everyday
For sending someone like you
To care and comfort me in times of need,
And to be my guardian angel.
For this I thank you,
And hope you will stay in my heart
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58 Visitor Comments

This was such a good poem. It made me cry! I still have tears in my eyes!
This poem was the best I've ever read, THANK U FOR SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS.
I love this free write poem!
I really loved this poem it is so true for one of my friends as well he is the best thing that ever really happened to me. :)
The perfect poem for friendship. The best friendship poem I've came across.
This poem touched me, in more ways than one. It made me think of a time in my life where I was in the same situation of this peom, in love, and I thought I had found the love of my life, a true man. Thinking about those old times makes me sometimes wanna cry. That is why this poem touched me so deepely. It defitelly deserves too be at the top!
is cool these poem is nice because have feling
this is a REALLY REALLY great poem. it touched me alot. i can relate to it so much. ur a great writer.
i really like this poem cus it has a good meaning to it
It was soo deep it meant alot. Thanx
All i can say is. Wow. i have a friend like that. and this poem really said it all. Thank you for expressing into words what is in my heart also. you truly have a gift
I really loved your poem. I think that you are really talented because the poem really got into me and keep on writing because i know that you will succeed. Sincerely, your fan
This poem really touched my heart. You have a lot of heart and soul. It reminded me of my best friend who passed away from cancer. You did a good juob best of luck and wishes. xoxoxo ~Missy~
this poem made me cry and cry! i loved evey second of it. boohoo. i du pray 2 god everyday! and im a full cheistian i read a book a nyt coz itz my religion and i wank my fanny. sori 2 tel u that i jus had 2 express my religion
Wow, that was a really touching poem. I liked it alot. your friend must be really supportive and kind. Sometimes, I wish to have a guy best friend.
This poem is so beautiful! thank you for writing it. it touched my heart! YOU ARE THE BOMB!
that is a very good poem i can relate to it so much its like if you wrote what i feel about a certain someone,i give it a ten!
This poem is very good. I can relate to that because my friend just died. That remind me of her a lot. Keep writting like this and you will become the next Maya Angelo.
I liked this poem because one of my really good friends died in a car accident and I think of her as my Guardian Angel. She was only 16.
i do thank God every day for the good friend i have. and this poem is so good i feel so happy
this is a really lovely poem
This poem is so heartfilling It remains me of someone who died in my family and it is so heartwarming to my heart. Kristin You wrote the bestiest poem ever It is so sad and so heartfilling.
great poem shows just how important friends are!
I luv this poem because it realates to me and my best friend. And I'm really affected by this poem because I write poems too, and so I think that this is a work of art.
This poem was beautifully written and it changed the way i see friendship and i thank you for that !
i love this poem it goes just right with my best friend and i. sometimes i want it to be more and other times its just right
Well, what could I say your poem was very lovely you almost made me cry, but I tried my best on holding my tears in. Very good job keep it up!
This poem is meaningful and very good. It captures a lot of meaning and it shows people how much you care for them.
I think this poem is wonderful. It directly describes how I feel about my best friend. In fact I just sent it to her to show her how much I really care. Thank you Andrea for this wonderful poem.
Wow.Really, really touching. Reminded me of a couple weeks ago when I went to Mini-Boot Camp, and became friends with a lot of the girls there.
I can totally identify with the writter. When I first read it it made me cry. I gave it to my friend. He loved it.
I LOVE IT! What a work of art!
i thought this poem was cute!
I really like this poem, it expresses my feelings really well.
this poem is so gorgeous i even shedded a tear because i was thinking of a friend that is like that to me!
this is a really touching poem it really makes me realize how much my best friends means to me
i think everyone would love to have someone like this.i think this poe is very nice. it makes you think.
this is a really pretty poem who ever this special person is they are a really great friend and person as well.
this was a great poem!!!!!! it reminded me of someone special in my life and how lucky i am to have them!
i thought that this poem was excelent and the author did a great job on it!!!! it could really touch a close friend!!!
Extremely good with a lot of feeling and meaning to it.
This is a great poem, It sums up everything that I think about in my best friend also!
x-tremely wonderful..juz lurved readin it and i'm sure de frenz i sent ur poem to will find it as touchin as i did.:)
I love this poem. Everything that you wrote makes me think about my boyfriend. I'm going to read it to him later. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!
This poem is really and my best friend r no longer friendz n e more so i sent her this poem above all the rest!!!
I like this poem it is very pretty.
This poem is great and very touching . . You are a great writer!
I thought this was a great poem!
Fantastic work! It helped me to write a poem of my own to a very good friend of mine who could one day, be more.
i love this poem it also reminds me of my best friend thank for writing just a great poem
I thought it was a great poem that was well written and straight from the heart!!!! That is something I really like in poems!!!!!
That Poem was soooo Sweet! I thought it could be for a friend or anyone, you love! That Poem was AWESOME:) Nice Work:)
this was a beautiful poem that explains the true feelings felt when you have a real friend! great poem!
It touched me dearly, and i cant identify with the author.
that was one of the best poems i read on this site, it was straight from the heart and i understand how this person feels. great poem!

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