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This poem is about my best friend and what she means to me. She will be moving away soon and I won't be able to see her as much as I do now. The last line has to do with the events that will happen in the future

You Are My Lucky Star

You are my lucky star
In life you've helped me get really far
You were always there when I needed you
And I hope I was always there for you too

You are my lucky star
I know God sent you here for me from afar
You had a way of making me happy when I was sad
And if I did something wrong, you wouldn't be mad

You are my lucky star
My best friend is also what you are
You helped me realize what I'm living for
But now you're gone & each day I'm missing you more

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52 Visitor Comments

I think this poem is awesome! Good Job!
i really love ur poem. ima give to ma frend, her name is star too u knoe. ima give it to her to make her feel better cuz she is kinna sad right now. i know shes gonna love it. thanx gurl. ;P
Muhd Shafiq
It is veryx5 good.
This poem really touched me! Made me want to cry. Heck I love all my friends especially very close ones! Yea sometimes we don't agree and we get mad at each other but we always try and work it out you know? It's wat friends do but if you don't try to work things out you r missing out a lot and yet u lose friends easily that is if u don't work things out. Anyways, Awesome poem!
it was really cool you are a n ausome poet never let your gift go to waist
hi i have a really close friend and we know each other for about 3 years but he sent me a txt recently telling me he can not stand where he is living anymore and that he is going to move. Iwas hurt by what he said but this poem i showed him and told him that it was the same between me and him. I know now that when he moves we will always remain in contact. Thanx alot this helped me explain what i really felt
This is a GREAT poem! It's sos awesome and you can say this about anybody you admire or your best friend or someone you love. It's not one of those poems where the poem is soooo good but it's for your lover. This is one of those poems where it's hecka good and you say it to anybody!
Wow! I love this poem. I cried cuz i have a friend that just moved and I just can't stand living without her!
This poem really touched me in my freshman year of high school i moveed aways to wisconsin it was the hardest time in my life because i had to move away from my very best friend. Even though we still stay in touch and see each other one week buring the summer i miss her alot. She has always been there for through the dad times in my life and the good. I know that if i am ever having a promblem i can talk to her and she will be there for me it is that same with me i will always be here for her to talk to if she ever needs it. I hope our friendship lasts forever and i know it will. i will always be here for her even through the bistance.
moo moo
veryy cute poem LOVED IT
This poem really touched me because five years ago my very best friend, Kristina K. , moved away. She was also probably my first true friend, too. Although this poem is meant for someone who is about to move away, and the last line is about the future, for me, it's all for the present. I will always miss her. She was always there for me, she was always encouraging, she was always fun, she never thought of herself first. I wish I could've given this poem to her right before she left.
It's hard to leave a best friend, but everyone has to sooner or later. Awesome poem.
This poem was awsome my teacher said we have to get a poem off the internet and this is the one i choos e good job!
this poem is so right. my best friend krystin is my lucky star. she gets me where i need to be in life. i vote you.
Hi, i rly liked this poem, i lost my best friend to cancer 1 year ago and I rly miss her! This poem rly rly touched me!
I like the poem You Are My Lucky Star because it reminds me of my friend that had to move and i was so sad that i cried myself to sleep. so i really like this poem.
me and my friends really like this poem because it is all very very true, and its inspiring. :) i like it a lot i give it 10 thumbs up!
Meghan, I have a bestfriend thats my lucky star. your poem is great. im sorry for what ever reason your lucky star is gone. you can e-mail me if you want. Kaitlyn
I loved this poem and i will share i with my friends here in New Zealand Thanks
Its a really good pome I like 2 write pomes to. Read this one u leaft me with a tear in my eye. I try to hide all this pain i have inside me. Im just here thinking about every thing we went throught my life seems black. U let rain and the dark ness in.
i loveders this poem its jus like mi friend and i love it
this poem really touched me i dedicate it to my gurl, R. I. P. Maritza
this was a really great poem i have a friend also moving and we knew each other since 3rd grade and i know ill miss her alot! this poem describes alot about how im goin to feel.
Hey! Your poem is like. WAY cool! Keep at it!
I think it is great because it shows that her friend really care for her. And her friend is saying thankyou.
i loved this vote, it was so touching and reliving i was hoping that you could think of more like this and i will be very thankful.
WoW! Great job this poem is really great and touches me soo much! You were born to rite poetry Meghan!
I'm goging to the same thing. It's really hard to let go of a good friend and this poem explain exctly how I'm feeling
I loved this poem, I thought that it was very touching! I can relate to this also and it doesn't feel good to lose a good friend!
Hey, your poem is awsome, it is just liek me and my berst friend : ) *
it moved me i can relate it i think its brillant!
7out of ten
I loved this poem it reminds me of my great friends Abby and Karen becuase their like my lucky star, even though im only in 7th grade i give this poem a 10!
the poem is great but the end is for a friend that is not there. try to make another one for friends who are still together.
I really liked this poems, I once had a best friend who meant the world to me, and she got leukimia. One year later she passed away and i never really said good-bye to her. I miss her so much. when I first read this poem I thought of her. so I feel she is my Lucky Star.
Thats a really awasome poem and im sure your friend felt really specail when she read it!
I think this is a really great poem. This is a poem that a entend to value fora long time. I to think that it is important for our friends to know how much they mean to us,because in the long run they may need to look back and remeber what the importance and vaules of a true friendship is!
I e-mailed it to my friend anyway. Cos thats how I feel.
hey although all these "friend" poems on this site all remind me of my best friend that moved this one reminded me the most because of the moving part in ur poem. this is a great poem. and it really reminds me of my best friend. i miss her so much and she has impacted my life SO much. i will NEVER 4get her
I love your poem it describes me and my best friend!She is moving out in the country so I won't get to see her as often but she is going to transfer to the school I am going to so I will see her at school still! I really loved your poem. it was really sweet!
this is almost EXACTLY what is going on with me! i am moving away from my best friend this summer and i'm not going to be able to be whole without her. my name is Meghan too, and i think it is really ironic that your situation is just like mine, except with a role reversal: i am moving away and she will be left here all alone
I really enjoyed that poem. I have a friend who is like that, he left for college and I was missing him more and more everyday. This poem really does a good job on showing people how much they mean to others.
This poem is awesome. my best friend just moved away and its hard to deal with but reading your poem made me feel better!
that is such a cool poem
great poem,so true. my best friends leaving & this is just how i feel. i want her to read this poem
I really enjoyed reading you pome. I was looking up a pome on the internet and when I found yours It was the perfect one for my friend Karri. She to means alot to me and I'm really glad I found your pome thank you so much Meghan
You really did a great job on this poem. It explains exactly how I feel about my best friend who passed away a year ago. Thank you for writing this!
this is a great poem.... it is so true about my friend
i really really liked the poem.
i have to memorize a poem for my communications class and since my best friend will be moving soon and she is my lucky star i decided to recite this poem. I just wanted the person that wrote this to know that I know what she will be going through too.
I liked the poem but the end just dropped off and i thought there should of been a little better ended but all in all it was great

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