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I wrote this poem for one of my best friends Brittany. She is a great person and has always seemed to be there for me! Thanks Brit, You really mean a lot to me! Best friends Forever, and Forever Never Ends!

Forever Never Ends

F riends 'til the end, is what was once spoken,
O r is that just what you wanted to say?
R eally, I'd be heart broken
E veryday, I thank God for you in every way
V ery often do I forget to say, "I love you,"
E ven when I don't feel like it
R emember me when you're scared and remember I care about you too!

N ever take anything for granted,
E ven if there was a fight or two.
V ery Lucky am I, to have you as my best friend.
E veryday I think about you,
R emembering we're gonna be forever friends!

E ven if we're both scared,
N ever will I say Good- Bye.
D idn't I always say, "Forever Never Ends?"
S o, please believe me when I say, "Forever Friends."
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100 Visitor Comments

This is poem is to my best friend radhi
this was incredibly awesome! i love this poem! ur very talented i feel the same way about my "best friend"
this is a cool poems
I like this poem a lot. I don't understand some words 'cause I'm an Asian girl. But when i read it i feel that's a very well poem.
I loved this poem. It reminds me of me and my friend. She moved to PA in 3rd grade while I still live in MD. Now were about to be in 9th grade and were still best friends and keep in touch.
i'm cry
it was a great poem. XOXO pickles aka ashley
This poem is really great and so touching,too. When I had a best frien, we used to sing to each other and combine our songs together,though I never told her that forever means forever because I didn't know how,with this poem,I could give it to her and I know that if it meant alot to me,it would mean more to her,I love you,Kate!
I loved this poem it bescrides me and my freind Angela. I had to move to wisconsin my freshman year of high school and she is is illinois but throw all of that our freindship remains. She has been my strength when it seemed like i had none left when things got dad. Plus our friendship lasted throw a really dad relationship with a bf. But we still remained close and to this day she is the one person i can count on.
this poem is so right
"forever never ends. " I like that. This poem comes with a strong message and I agree with it.
i really love your poem touch me deep in the heart
Its touching mind, very good poem.
I really enjoyed reading your poem it was very cool. The reason I opted your poem was because of the title and optede means chose or chosen
I loved your poem. It really means a lot to me because I am moving over 400 miles away from everything I have ever known. Worst of all I am having to leave my best friend. This has been very hard on me and I want to say thank you for remiding me that forever never ends.
I loved this poem. I believe a true best friend is a forever friend and that is what me and my best friend are. I have known her basically all my life, since we were like 1 or 2. I hope our friendship will remain.
i loved the whole package. it really reached out to me.
love it
Thatsa really good poem. your a poet and didnt know it! ;-) haha keep up the good work!
i really loved the poem i think it is the best poem i have ever read. it reminds me of my best friend.
This Poem is a really touching, and it makes me feel like the poem was made just for me in my case!
omg i love this poem. it describes me and my best friend karen. we've known each other for 10 years. this poem is exactly how i feel about her and vice versa. but yea i really love this poem. you did a really good job on it.
Wao. Tis poem is s. o. FaNtAsTiC! I luv it so much. Lolx
i like this poem, it is something that every friend should know.
Hey i love what tou wrote i feel the same way about my friends. you'r a very good writer.
Wow that was a gr8 poem! It sounds just like me and my best friend Miranda. We had a lot of trouble at the beginning but i always said oh u know we will always be friends. and now that our childish fights are over we r even closer b. c of all those fights. and i will love her forever!
Oh. ThIs pOeM iS sOoO kOoTiE! kEeP gOiN´ wItH yOuR pOeMs. eVeN i´M bRaZiLiAn I LuV aMeRiCaN pOeMs. EsPeAcIaLlY yOuRs^_^ tHaNkZ 4 tRaNsMiT aLl tHe mEaNiNg oF FrIeNdShIp 4 eVeRyBoDy tHaT rEaDs yOuR pOeMs. i ReAlLy lIkE it^_^
cause i feel the same way of my bestfriend
hey i loved that poem it reminds me of my truest best friend who was always there fr me until now
I'm so surpried about this nice poem, its means could make my friends feel happy and safe when I'm next to them, think of them and we trust eachother more and more, Thanks agian to author of this!
Hey! I just wanted 2 say that this poem really touched me because I have a friend named Tiffany we have been friends ever scince I we was in 1st Grade and we are still friend. I agree that we have been friends forever and I hope it will always be that way. Thanks 4 sharing this wonderfull poem! Lyndsey!
this was the poem i needed for my friend. Thank you.
aww. i really liked this poem. it describes the exact feelings i have for my best friend and i just met her this year! okay keep doing a good job on these poems! okay well i will be visiting again soon so yea. bye
i really like this poem, you did a good job. i have a bestfriend i dedicate this to. you are a great poet.
This poems inspired me alot because i have a best friend too and that reminded me of us.
Wonderful , at the start of every sentence , it forms a word vertically . its beautiful
its a very wonderful poem. its the truth about a friend u really love and miss.
hun thats beautiful thats exactly how i feel about my best friend danai
Great Job! This poem was just what I was looking for to send me very best friend and the person I also call my 'LiL Sis! Heather, you're the best and this poem goes out 2 u! THANKS BUNCHEZ!
This is a poem that i will never forget. its a work of art. i wanna hear more from this poet!
this was a true and enjoyable poem.
This poem is soooo sweet and i can relate to it thoroughly, it so me and jaid. i love you jaid, you mean the world to me.
This ish a very good poem. meeh n muh frijend are slipping aprat so thx. she sent it to meeh n it was awesome
i think this poem is good. it shows the true meaning of friends
I like how you created this poem. At first it was confusing and i really didnt know what you were talking about in the first 2 sentences but afeter i read the whole thing i understod. It was well put together i like your style of writting.
wow honestly that was an amazing poem. i came on to look for a perfect poem for my best friend. it was the perfect one. when i gave it to her she cried cuz it was such a sweet thing. thank you!
i really loved this peom. It related to me and my friend ALOT!
awwwwwwww hun so sweet luv dis poem its goin in my aim profile gr8 job! ;-)
Your poem is so beautiful, it is exactly the way i feel about my best friend, Ashley you are the best! :)
very nice
neat! how did u come up with that??
Cool and sweet one! Keep it up!
This poem was very good? I am kind of in that situation right now so that made me feel good when I read it. Great Job!
I LUV THIS POEM! Im movin to a different school next year and I have the best friends a person could ever have and this poem explains exactly how I feel about them.
perfect poem
This peom is so sweet I think it is a really good poem to show your best friend
I liked how she took the letters and made a saying out of the letters. That was really creative and I would give that 100% if I were to grade it.
This poem is straight out sweet I was really emocional!
I love your poem. It's really touching. You really did a good job.
This poem iz so true! I came on here 2 find a poem 4 National Poetry Day & this is the perfect 1!
its beautiful
that poem is really great it makes you think about yer best friend and how much they mean to you:}
This poem is great, I Love it, I am going to send it to my two best friends, Candis and Crystal they mean the world to me and we will be forever friends.
Your poem is very good. It went deep in my heart & now I can't forget it. It's that good. Great Job..
dude that was pretty intense, way 2 go
i love your poem it reminds me of my best friend keep writing it's your god given talent
I really liked the poem because it was sweet.
This poem brought a tear to my eye, madde me want to give my best friend a HUGE hug!
This poem is great, very clever! I was looking for a good poem to finish of a gift to my best friend, this one was perfect!
how do you do it? emazing!
i really liked it
I think its a really great poem and it speaks the truth of someany peoples friendship that try and reashur their friends that their friendsip will never end even if they think it is.
i feel that this poem shows a great expertise in writing and expressing feelings.
Ur work is fabulous,absolutely fantastic.It's amazing how u put the words together and created a masterpiece... Ur poem is great and pleeez create some more,won't u!!
this is a really cool poem. it reminds me of my best friend that just moved away and it also reminds me of my ex-finace.
This poem is one of the most beautiful ones I have read. My bestest friend gave this to me so whenever I read it, I think of her, which makes it more special. Thankyou for this masterpiece, Becky!
Wonderful poem!
I want to thank you for this poem my best friend is going through a hard time I gave her this poem I think it will helpher thanks!!
that poem was awesome... and your right forever never ends!! Great job!!
i love that pome it made me think of my frienfish with my best friend
It's a very loverly poem, i hope my vot counts!!
this poam is very pretty
This is a great poem that reminds me of my best friend that i left behind when i moved. But i always told her forever never ends
I think this is one of the most beautiful poems I`ve ever read. It doesnt compare to example, August strindberg, but its good.
this was a very beautiful, and heart touching poem. i really like this poem and hope the artist keeps up the good work.
That poem was so beautiful. that really touches my heart in a very big way. Becky your very talented keep going!!!
this poem is really sweet!
Becky i love your poem,it relates to me in every wasy that i can think of. When i read this poem i thought of my friends and all the good times that we have had. Thjank you for putting this on so i could enjoy it and for others that will stop and think of what kind of friends they have and how they love them in there unique ways.
this poem describes exactly how i feel about my best friend but couldn't find the right way to say it.
This poem really stood out among all the poems. I Hope this wonderful poem leads to greater successes for Becky Rattray.
it reminds me of me and my best friends
I liked it. It made me think about all the good friends I have and how lucky I am.
cool poem!
I needed a poem for an assignment and yours is perfect thanks
I was very touched by your poem. I wish to see more of your poems. good job.
this is a very beautiful poem is very touching too!
I e-mailed this poem to my best friend and it descibes the most important reasons of being friends. Thank You!!
that's a really nice poem

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