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This poem tells about a very hard time in my life. I had gotten into a fight with a good guy friend, and his best friend helped me get through some of it. Then we, too, got into an argument. I didn't realize how much they both had meant to me until it was too late. One of them did realize what he had done to me and we are now good friends once again. The other and I barely talk. I'm letting the good one, who realized what he had done, know how much I really do care for him.

How Much I Care

You may not know how much I care for you,
Yet we are the best of friends.
We haven't known each other very long,
Mainly only in band.

When I got into a fight
With your best friend,
You listened to my problems
And to all that I said.

You did not understand why I fell in love with him,
Or why we were no longer friends;
Yet you went through it all,
Good and bad.

Then we got into a fight
And it nearly broke my heart.
I cried all night,
And could not believe that we did part.

You fell in love with one of my friends,
Just like I fell in love with him;
And when she did not love you back,
you finally realized what I had meant.

You said you realized what you had done;
With him not speaking to me,
Just like her not speaking to you,
We are on the same level, me and you.

He is still stubborn
And she bull-headed.
They don't know that forgiveness and understanding
Is the best anyone can give.

Now that we talk again
We've learned so much about each other,
That we would rather die
Than be without each other.

Now you know how much I care
And how much you mean to me.
I hope we never fight again,
Or for at least a long time, anyway.
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21 Visitor Comments

Keep up you poem is great. you can feel exactly what you are going thru
this is one of the best poems i have ever reed and i find that i says a lot about me and my friends ship with a friend i have and i made her cry and i that you for shareing you talent with the world to day i hacve relised that you can shpw a friend how much they meen to you just by saying a few words thankyou
i think that this is the 1st poem which ive eva liked its really good lol
One word: Awesome.
wow! that's a veri touching friendship peom
This poem gives tought, care, and truth. I think it's one of the best poems I've ever read. I myself write poems about these types of things, but this is a very very wonderful poem. Most people, when they are going through a hard time, they don't do anything to get the things that are bothering them out. So if this poem was to be graded from 1-100%, I would definetly give it a 100%.
the poem touches the spot on me and a girl that i liked for quit a while
Wow is all I have to say about this poem. (and that's wow in a good way!)
this poem is so cool. i can realte to it beacause iwent out with a guy that my mate lyked to and she hated me for ages now we aare best friends again coz of this poem. it really helped our fienndship.
Wow this poem really relates to me i did fall in love with my best friends friend but he had loved me to. so we dated but it ruined my friendship with my best friend! and now i dont barely talk to my best friend or that guy anymore hes now my ex but i love it u express it perfectly
There are only three things to becribe this ! FAB~U~LAOUS
I LOVE your poem. It really shows how me and my best freind are. If you have anymore poems about friends that you have written. could you please send them to me. Thanks! ~Danielle~
i liked the poem it really relates to me i can understand why you would write somthing like that
This poem describes my best friend Billy and I. We have been best friends through thick and thin and even dated each other's friends, only ending in heart break. Good luck in the future girl!
i think that this poems very good it reminds me of me and someone that i know and he was going through the same thing as me only we both knew what the other was going through its a great poem
i related to me and a few of my friends, i think it has been layed out well! x
this is exactly how i feel right now if you change it so the friend is a girl, and so everything else goes with it right.
This poem means alot to me as this exact thing happened to me and my best friend.. and now we R great best friends again.
It was a great poem
I sent this poem to my friends, to tell them how much they mean to me! I 'll be graduating soon, and i just wanted to let them know that I will alway's be there!
I think this is what happens all the time between best friends that are of the opposite sex. I think this is a very good poem.

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