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Sometimes when you think no one cares and no one will listen . . . just remember that there is always a friend who will be there. You just have to remember who they are and how much you can trust them.

Just Remember

When you keep anger inside,
it is pretty easy to hide;
but when you keep so much
it often explodes in just one bust.

When you keep sadness in too long,
and just act "OK" and say your fine;
you know on the inside you're wrong,
so why must you hide?

When stress and worry are on your mind
and all you can do is sigh,
just remember that you cannot hide
from I.

When you love a good friend of mine,
but she does not love you back;
all you can do is have a good cry,
but do not turn your back on life.

Remember that I have been in your same situation.
and I know it is not an easy road;
but if you keep faith and hope in your heart,
just remember that is part of the not so easy road.

Just remember that time heals and will tell all,
and that God above has a lesson for all.
Whether if it is about anger, sadness, pride, or love -
just remember that he has a reason for this
from the good angels above.
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31 Visitor Comments

Natalie you did a great job. This poem fits me to a t. and i love it.
Very Beautiful! it made me cry a little!
Emotional and incredible.
This poem reminded me of two of my friend and i having friendshiph problems. the first three paragraphs were just like her. This poem really touched me. thanks for this lovely poem. write more touching ones please. more people in this world will appreciate it. thanks once again(:
This poem touched me so much. it's so inspiring and very emotional. I LOVE IT!
This is a very good poem,I loved it. It exsplains soo much and soo many friendships that people dont realize that are there.
I really liked the perspective you used, it sticks out from other poems, it's going to be a great present for a friend of mine. Great job, keep writing =)
i love it. it's excellent
This is a really good poem, it made me realize that poeple go throgh the same things as me, and it also made e think that got has planned our life, and our job is to fufill and finish. Great Poem::tear:
I really liked your poem it made me realize that there are people out there that do care about what I am going through. And ecspecially God. I am 16 and pregnant, but your poem made me realize its going to be okay.
this poems is really effective, as soon as i read the first 3 lines i knew it was the right one to send to y best friend, you are a really good poet!
This poem is really great. I can relate to it really well, though I wish I couldn't. To all those out there - never keep things inside you, open up to a close friend, please, I know the pain that comes from keeping things bottled up inside. So don't do it, talk to your friends, ok?
This was a great poem! You are awsoome. This is the best poem yet!
I really liked this poem, it reminded me of my friend Kevin and I. He likes my best friend and I know he will get over her and I still love him.
out of all the poems iv read on this site, this one has got to be the bestest.
A really touching Poem, it so true. Keep up the good work, you have talent in this.
This was the best poem that i have ever read. I enjoyed reading it. I also apprciate you taking your time to write it. Great great job!!
This is truly touching. I can relate to this poem and it helped me open up to my friends about my problems, anger, etc... Please keep writing you have a gift.
it is a really good remindes me of how i treated my friend when i was in my situation.
I can really relate to this poem, i think it is a great poem that expresses what teen friendship is about... i really love it and its a great way to tell my friends "whats up" with our friendship..
Hey... something I think a true friend would say to me... and something I would very much like to hear!
SO sweet. This poem makes me feel so understood. I'm showing it to my best friend. Great writing.
that was great!
I really enjoyed this peom. It helped me realize a lot, and I would like to thank you Natalie for writing an unforgetable poem!
I think this poem is very interestink and people can learn somethink from this poems
This poem is so awesome. I have been going through all these things lately and I have just resently found God so it really rang true to me.
I like this poem. I will read it again!
This was a very sweet poem and it meant alot to me and it pretty describes what me and my best friend in the whole world are feeling thankyou and good luck you have a talent so use it
hai.. wat can i say.. i truly agree wif everything here.. the author.. shows to be a very sensitive tactful persona.
amazing poem, it is relly touching
awsome poem it really touches a person.

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