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It's hard being in love with your best friend. It's even harder to let go when you realize you were destined to be "just friends."

Not Meant To Be

There once was a time if I just closed my eyes,
I could see us together as one.
But after these years of growing apart,
I can see that dream is done.
You were the one who knew me inside and out,
And always knew just what to say.
Any problems I had would disappear,
When you said it would all be okay.
There was always a special connection with us,
And these days it seems to be gone.
Whatever we had died a long time ago,
But it's just so hard to move on.
Those times I'd drown in the blue of your eyes,
You never noticed a thing.
There were nights I laid awake and thought,
Of the love our friendship could bring.
No matter how hard I've been trying,
The truth is so hard to see.
I guess it takes a while to let go,
Of something not meant to be.

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44 Visitor Comments

That poem touch a lot and i like it. It's about what i suffer. I love a boy named Mervin i think but not sure that he always tell the truth he says he love me and then people has started to warned me that he was playing with my love. then i left him with the hope that one day he'll realize how deap my love was for him. But instead he wanted to remain friend i can't bare to see him with other girls. that's why i like that poem.
Absoluetly Loved It!
This poem really did touch my heart and it is very touching. I liked it so much. It reminded me of somethings im going through right now. But it is hard to get over something like loving someone but i know i can get through it.
i really love it. !
I was truly touched by this poem. I have felt the very esisince of this work first hand. 10/10
I really liked this poem b/c it reminds me of the feeling I had when I realized that the blue-eyed man that I loved so dearly was not the man I was ment to be with.
i luv this poem so much cuz i had the same experience. and,of course, it hurts so bad.
loved this poem. it really went straight to my heart
It's a nice poem, simple yet the meaning is deep. It got my eyes dwelled with tears. Well done Miss Mikelle :)
I love this poem me and Joey are like this I love him to death but his heart belongs with another girl.
i am going through the same thing my bestfriend robert was in juvi and i was the only one there for him saending him letters writting him poems then i ended up falling in love but i am trying to let go of the kind of feelings i have for him because he just wants to be friends!
that was a great poem,as i to fell in love with a good friend of mine and the hardest thing about it is we now dont talk to eachother or see eachother . he was the only one i felt was on my side and always there when i needed him to be and theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of him,that poem just brought back a lot of memorys for me great poem well done.
I love this poem. It describes exactly my feelings about a relationship I am in. It's also comforting to know that I'm not the only one in this particular situtation. Thank you so much!
This quote is awesome. I can totally relate.
great poem, even got her eye colour right.
this is very well written ill look for more poems by this person!
It was a beautiful poem. That is the way i am feeling now.
This poem is truly amazing. It expresses the way I feel for this guy that I really like. He still hasn't completely gotten over me but we can't be together because he has a girlfriend. We still talk about everything even his girlfriend. When he talks about her it brakes my heart, because I know we were never meant to be. The poem truly is amazing.
i can't even begin to express how this puts into a nutshell how i've felt about the man i love who just happened to be my best friend. i've looked for someone to fill the void since i lost him, but i know it never will be. thanks for a beautiful poem.i only wish it could change his mind. maybe one day he and i will be together.i guess only time will tell..
i can't even begin to describe what this poem means to me. it captured my life with my love and my best friend whom i miss and love ever so much. i hate to think that we're not meant to be, but i guess only time will tell if we really are. mike, if you ever see this comment..i love you forever darling, and i always will.
this peom expresses many repressed feelings i have perfectly
you are a very talented poet and you just put everything i have been feeling in words my boyfriend brokeup w/ me after 8 months and i'm tryin to move on with another guy but its just not the same! its just not there.i love and miss him!
I totally balled my eyes out on this one. very true for me but way too realistic. I'm at that point where I can't move on or let go, but I know its over. =( sniff
awesome poem! keep up the fantastic work
great poem. it said so many things that i can relate to from loving my best friend and him not feeling the same. you are a good poet. and i am looking forward to reading some more of your work in the future.
This poem describes exactly how I feel. I've been in love w/ my bestfriend for a while now, and he doesn't feel the same way. We had something going on, but now he just backed away and left me lost in love!!! We're still bestfriends, but I wish it could be more!!!
I read your poem, and I know exactly what you went through. Good job putting your feelings into words!
That was exactly my love story. The blue eyed guy that I had a connection with that just wont break even though we have to go our separate ways.
I loved this poem this poem is one of the best poems i've ever read
That's a great poem!
very nice poem
great poem
I think the hardest part of letting go is moving on.Finding someting new and learning to adapt.Acepting you were not meant to be and noticing the promise of forever wasn't true.Learning to taking the person out of your thoughts,your dreams,&your heart. Falling in love with someone is the hardest thing in life.
I really like this poem mostly because it connects to my life (of love) in a lot of ways.
This poem is a really good poem that shows one's broken heart in the form of words.
I loved it and felt drawn in. It's truly reality.
that was real good. its very sad
I'm sitting in my College computer lab and I almost started to cry. This poem is everything I'm going threw in my relationship now. It's hard to realize that it's over. Thank you.
This one touched me deeply
It was great!
You are very talented, and you so accurately described what I'm dealing with right now.After 3 years, she says goodbye and I feel as if I'm losing my best friend, because I am.
it was siciere. and it works to.
I thought this poem was awesome. It expresses the way I feel exactly.

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