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"Memories" describes a love that once was had in the physical life, but is now only remembered in a mental capacity.


I felt it would be better not to remember you,
to never entertain the thought of your kiss upon my soul,
but I long to feel the fire of your hot, hungering lips,
lovingly pressed on my lips,

the tender whispers you uttered softly in the night,
once filled a part of my life

I was a prisoner harnessed by your smile,
led by your eyes,
moved by your touch,
and totally captivated by your being,
but still,
we couldn't make it through the storm,

So now that things have changed,
there will always be a special place
you will hold deep in my heart,
and I will cherish in my memories,
the smile in your eyes,
the softness of your lips,
the sensuality in your walk

I guess there will never by any describing,
indescribably you.
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24 Visitor Comments

I really liked this poem. I was-and still am-in complete love with someone that, beyond his control, had to leave me. The timing of our love was just, too late. Our lives were in two different directions and we had to say goodbye. I still think of him everyday and wish I could feel his arms around me once again. And I know he feels the same. But, we have since parted ways and pray we see each other again one day.
Hey I loved this poem it got me through the hardest part of my life when my bf of 7months broke up with me. It was a long bistance relationship so it was ok but he hurt me and even though we are remaining friends the hurt he caused me will never disapper. But he holds a special place in my heart and that will never go away. He gave em the best months of my life and for thati will always be grateful. Keep writing you have a talent that no one can take away and it touches peoples souls all over the world.
i love that peom reminds meof my boyfriend that he used to love me but not no more and i cry for him all night
I love the poem Brian
I love it!
This poem really touched me with tears.
I love urr poem its sooo kewll. it reminds me of me and my bf! i love it. Thank yu soo much.
OMG! I loved that poem its really good and also sad Iam sorry what had happend
Recently the guy i had been dating broke up with me and poetry is my way of beginging to let go. thank you this poem has made me laugh cry, and just get all my emotions out. thank you
keep up the good work! i like your work and everything your do hits me in my heart and i hope everything go's well. Plus God gave you something so i am going to vote for u.
This hit very close to a situation that I have. I only wish that you were that person, so that I could diffently know. Diffently know, how he feels about me. Thank you!
This is the truth, the reality of the aftermath and the pain of the future
this is difently the kind of poem you read and go... "I feel the exact same way." well at least thats what i did when i read this piece. i got to me like no other poem has before. it meant so much. every word that came on the screen had some meaning of lose. the memories... great poem! two thumbs up!
Brian, your poem really hit home hard. I am sitting here at work with tears holding back. wow!!!!! Great words!!!!!!!---
this poem was very touching. It brought tears to my eyes and I just wanted to say you write beautiful poems..keep it up!
This poem really makes me feel like someone understands how it feels when the memories won't go away....
it is a very nice poem.I just can't express the way it made me feel and the way it took my breath away.But I truely liked it.
It's a good peom, but it's odd that I can relate to this.
I really like this poem as it describes what I feel for a man that I once loved and maybe still love.
I really enjoyed reading your poem. I am feeling what you wrote at this very moment. Thank you for putting into words how I am feeling. May God continue to bless you.
I love your poem. so beautiful. It express exactly what I think!
I cried when I read this because it totally describes my feelings to this guy Thanx for writing it!
it touch every nerve and all my senses. thank you brian

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