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Life goes on if things don't work out right. But loving thoughts will always be in our hearts.

Last Embrace

Walking through our favorite path,
so cold and misty, skies were gray;
wishing you were here holding me tight,
hoping to see you in sight.

Autumn leaves fall while I wait for you to call,
wanting you back with me for eternity.

As I came to our favorite bridge,
there you stood with a stare;
same time, same place,
for the last time we embraced.

The last kiss from you with tear drops,
the last touch as you wipe it away,
the last time alone with you.

Saying good-bye is so hard to do,
as I still love you too.
We will meet someday,
as my white dove flies away.

Holding back my tears,
loving you so dear,
living for tomorrow,
dreams of yesteryears.
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8 Visitor Comments

This poem is one of the best poems i've ever read in my time of need i. e a major breakup
Well at first I couldn't find a way to describe what happened to me when my ex and I had to say our last and final goodbyes to each other. Ths poem is just the right way to describe it.
sad. made me cry
Wow! I'm really not a poetry person. but this has got to be one of the most beautiful and sincere poems I have ever read. I am dealing with a lost love. and this poem somehow made it all better. kind of like a ray of sun on a cloudy day. beautiful!
This poem is so touching. I just lost a loved one and i know how hard it is to say good bye. I also know what that last hug means.
After an intense and sometimes painful 5 year relationship, my soulmate and I could no longer bear the pain of hurting each other and parted ways. Less tha a year later he committed suicide and left me alone in this life. Twenty years later, I am married and have children, but sometimes I would give everything for the touch of his hand and the sound of his voice. I am also waiting for my white dove to find him on the next level.
this poem really related to the love I had/have it's a really well written poem
Wonderful....a touchy feeling. Sure gave me goose bumps. Keep on writing.

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