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This is a poem about a guy I really loved, we eventually went our separate ways, and so my heart was broken. I wrote this poem to tell him how I still felt.

You'll Know

When the wind blows
And whispers through the trees,
You'll know I remember you.

When the rain falls
And drips from the flower petals,
You'll know I have forgiven you.

When a tear escapes
And trickles down my cheek,
You'll know I still love you.
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15 Visitor Comments

truly wonderful, everyone who has loved can relate to it
A poem that says what i would have said to a lost friend.
this poem is great i have so much trouble in my love life and its slowely and painfully killing me !
This is a beautiful poem. Simply written it expresses a universal feeling of love.
The poem hit home in a special place in my heart. Nice
This poem seems written for the relationship I recently lost. It puts into words all of my feelings that I wanted to say to him but couldn't. Thanks for helping me heal through your words.
Actually am from india 22 years guy. When i read this poem my heart becames weightless balloon bcoz no hep words are used here and its very easy words but a large feelings of a gal or guy. The poet is very good and my wishes for him.
i thouught itwas great
That touched me so deeply. that is the sweetest, most moving poem I have ever read. and it's true to heart,.
Simple yet true. I love your wordings.
This poem reminded me of my ex boyfriend and what I want him to know. Its short but really does mean a lot!
how true..i find this poem just fantastic..
just broke up with my boyfriend...feel the same.I want him to know too!
Very nicely worded. When someone said something to hurt your feelings deeply but you forgive than anyways because you love them deeper than your pain.
i'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend, and last saturday we kissed again. But this morning,when i called him, he told me he just wants to be friends... i'll send him this poem, maybe now he'll understand me....

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