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This poem is written in memory of a few guys from my past. I am a very easy person with whom to speak. It is amazing to me how others feel very close to me in a matter of a week. As you will see from the poem, I feel guiltily for the way I treated them. I was picky, and I admit, sometimes I enjoyed the game. Two years after dumping one- - for the second time, he sent me an entire booklet of poems he had written about me. They were- - at first- - his ecstatic poems. Then, of course, they were extremely depressing. This is a cruel poem, and only those closest to me would believe I could write this. Most of my work is about how I have been hurt.


Come and get me
See me shimmer and dance?
I'm just ahead
If you drive fast enough

You can have me
my secrets, my soul

No, drive harder,
give me more
I'm just ahead
If you reveal yourself

You can have me
my secrets, my soul

You drove right over me
Did my light mislead you?
I'm just ahead
If you follow the lines

You can have me
my secrets, my soul

Please, try again
you can do it
I'm just ahead
If you believe in me

You can have me
my secrets, my soul

You missed again
Are you that naive?
I'm always just ahead
Shimmering and dancing

You can never have me
my secrets, my soul.
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4 Visitor Comments

My hat is off to you! There are so many of us woman that would never admit to that. I loved it , it also made me feel real guilty . thank you!
This is an excellent poem if you've ever encountered someone like this. I've been wrapped up with a girl like this for over a year.
Awesome poem reflecting upon the games people play using another's heart.
Just what I was looking for. The poem will say it all to the person i'm sending it to. Thanx for letting me find it, Keep them coming

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