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This poem is for those lost in love. It is a prayer, a plea, to God or Faith, that you'd bring back my Angel, my light, and let me live once more.


My Angel...
Where are you?
I'm lost, confused, alone...
I cannot see you...
There is darkness around me;
The fire has died, my light blown away
By an unwanted breeze...
I am wandering, going around and around
in circles...
Is there no end to this loneliness?

My Angel...
Where are you?
My heart is sad, it cannot hear your songs.
All I hear is the echo of your love,
Its melody fading...

Now there is only silence, maddening silence.
It is suffocating, draining my heart of your songs...
Is there no escape from this madness?

My Angel...
Where are you?
I am cold...
I cannot feel your wings around me,
Cannot feel your loving arms to embrace me...
There is only emptiness...
Emptiness that pulls, and pushes, and shoves...
The emptiness is within me, devouring me whole,
Leaving nothing left but an empty soul...
Where are you, my Angel? Come to me, fill me up with your love... Make me
whole again...
Do not leave me in this pit of despair...

My Angel...
Where are you?
I cannot see you, hear you, feel you...
Have you gone away from me? have you taken away my heart...

... My Angel,

... where are you?
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17 Visitor Comments

This was a GREAT poem but i think i lost my angel two in a half years ago when i moved to my new school in the middle of the school year and it hurts so bad because now hes with someone else and i can tell that there relationship is very serious and i hate it but, i know we belong together because i can feel it in my heart it was love at first site when i first met him but now we are apart and that really gets my heart!
you have read my black soul when you never even meet me thank you
this poem is really good. thats how i feel abt my soon to be husband. i cant stand bein away from him. he is my angel. an always will be my agel
your poem is so sweet, recently i have been having so much trouble at jounier high and with boys,. im so confussed,. i feel like im a shadow in the wind. no one cares anymore. they depend on my looks not my heart,. your poem really made me feel a lot beter,. your sweet feelings and emotions r kool!, keep on writing,. luv angie
Wow. this poem is one of those poems that can just hit that spot in your heart. I think its truly beautiful for a heart grabbing poem. But again, it just. hits that spot. Especially for someone, like I, that yes, feels like they lost their angel. but also the sense of just. heaven when you were in their arms.
i loove ur poem alot
i really loved this poem. it made me think of my bf of 3 yrs that killed himself jan. 20,2005. i really miss and love him. someone please help me. (
i think this is pretty good, it's telling what i've always wanted to reflect.
This is a very beautiful poem and it was so very in sink with me that I am going to print it out and put it on my wall in my room. I also think that you have a real ginuwine passion for poetry, I know because it is very is to tell in your poem. Anyway thanks for being an understanding person of being alone in the world without your angel.
I liked this poem it touched me
I think this is a deep poem
this poem was wonderfull. it bought tears to my eyes
The poem was great very deep and when you read it you feel what is being explained
this poem was so sweet. i really liked how it was said.
So nice & soothing .
beautifull!! i felt that one.
I appreciate the mournful yearning so beautifully expressed, I can feel it.

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