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The rose exemplifies life - and how one person adored another. The darkness exemplifies death and how the "radiance" and "life" of the rose was taken away.

My Rose

I wanted to plant a beautiful rose,
One so sweet and beautiful to the eye.
I planted a single seed, made sure it was watered, gave it sunlight - which
Shined brightly onto the soil.

Days came and went,
Nights passed away;
My rose finally began to grow!

Soon my rose began to bud.
What a beautiful sight to see!
I had given birth to my own,
And what a joyous occasion it was!
So precious; I wanted to stay with it day and night.
How its life gave vibrance and sweet simplicities of things I adored.

Then darkness came and reigned over my lovely rose;
Taking away its radiant appeal.
The color bled.
Its stem went limp.
My rose was dead.
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7 Visitor Comments

a very touching poem
i really liked your poem its a very wonderful embrya i would feel that way to
that was a really great poem. and i think i got the moral to it. i mean you work so hard on something in life,. put your all into it, get the excitement and happiness from it. and just like that its gone. its alot like life. im only fifteen and i know i dont really know the world for what it is. but this poem really touched me, great work.
this peom really touched me i wrote it out and give it to my mom i give this a 10 out off a 10 10 being the highest
nice. really sweet.
Wow..that poem just makes perfect sense to me. Like someone turning on a lightbulb. It does sort of represent how I feel about my life, and many others, I'm sure. Great poem!
..your poem really connected to me , my life and possibly to others too.

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