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I wake up everyday and go through life in a daze. I know there must be something better for me out there. I just don't know where to look for it. In this poem I talk about all my confusion and insecurities. I just don't know where I should be at this point in my life and it burdens me everyday. But then I realized maybe this is how life is. We can't always be happy with everything in our lives.

I Don't Know

spinning out of control
my mind is always spinning

shimmers of pain and confusion
dominate my every thought

I can't handle it
it can devour me at an instant

when, where, why?
questions I ask everyday

limbo is my residence
madness is my destination

is this it?
this is all I'm supposed to be

where do I fit in?
or do I fit in?
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10 Visitor Comments

Grrr8. Awesome. indeed in life v dont knw wat v need n wat v want. only pain z there . v have 4om our loved ones!
I just know how you feel dear! Loved it!
super good poem short but good i feel the same way
the poem is very good
This is really good.
i thing that this poem was very good
This is how everybody feels about life. This is a reality of life and we always loose our identity.
Funny, I sorta stumbled over this one but it is excatly how I feel.
you've managed to say what i fell so many times in just a few've come really close to describing some of my feelings. it's good to know that i'm not the only one feeling this!!
I don't know! it's a nice poem! I like it!

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