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I wrote this poem when I was in the middle of some rough times with my family. The feeling of the poem is a feeling of loss and not knowing whether or not to show emotions. It's a feeling of confusion and isolation. I was afraid to show emotions, so I cried on the inside - that's where I get the phrase "silent tears". It means that I can hear myself cry, but nobody else can. A little advice to the readers- - don't ever be afraid to show your emotions.

Silent Tears

A thunderous silence
breaks through my thoughts.
What was once many great ideas
is now a triumph, lost.

Baffling words tumble through my mind.
Reflections of darkness hover.
A disturbing peacefulness beckons to me,
and inside myself, I take cover.

What would it be like to stay there forever?
To be lost in all my cares?
From the inside, looking out -
I cry silent tears.
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31 Visitor Comments

ooohh. thunderous silence. it wrenched my heart no end
Such a beautiful poem, i love it alot because it means alot to me, sometimes in life it is the only thing we feel confortable doing cry silent. i love it.
very nice poem. very well written. i love it.
it touches places in the heart that can only be touched very rare and i felt the true meaning deep with in
This poem made me cry, but I loved it! It expresses exactly how I feel, lost and traped inside myself, crying silently and alone.
Excellent! 10/10
Looks can be deceiving. those that wear smiles 24/7 are often the most tired and misunderstood. I liked it a lot.
I finally feel like i found a poem that i can relate to. This an extraordinary peom it simple but yet means a lot. I am glad that i will be able to share it with my class mates so maybe they relate to it.
Your Poem is very nice and touch me in a way - cause I feel the same way do you´ve got other´s? Greetz form germany CoR.
Really touches upon the anxiety and disappointment life has to offer. This poem explains one's life with so few words. This is a great poem, I'm sure a lot people can relate to this (me included).
This was a very good poem. even though I have never experinced a time like this, but I enjoyed reading this because it tells us your feeling that you kept inside for so long.
hey this peom touched me. i know how you feel. i can understand what it means. i enjoy your poetry.
this was a nice poem i feel the same waycause my uncle past away last year
this poem is great when I read it it reminded me of what I was like right after my grandma died thanks
One of the most touching poems I have read. It hits a place that I am at right on the money. I am having a difficult time myself and find that maybe there is someplace out there can go to express myself. I feel very alone at this time and wish I could find somplace to go to express myself. Excellant 10
I think this poem is really good and shows just me it showed i am not the only one sad but other feel the same it made me feel betta
This poem touched me because. i have had problems. well many problems with my family. like everyone does. but it has gotten so bad before. that locked myself in the bathroom. my bedroom. outside. everywhere just to get away. and i always tried to write my thoughts down. but i didnt know how to. but when i found this poem in my school for a project i got tears in my eyes. it made me think. and it hasnt left my memory yet.
i think this poem is great, i am only 15, however i write a lot of poems myself. i think everyone feels like that at some point in their life, but its great when people can share how they feel with something as beutiful as a poem.
this poem really touched me and it is what i feel i loved it please write more of them thanx Jeanne
Everyone feels this way at times. I know that sure have ups and downs and all alone only to wake to find your fears are gone. The only fear I have is within myself but God sends me light to see.
I love this poem because it realate's to me. I am really depressed snd stuff like that. The couple of friends i told about that they looked it up and told me I had depression. My parents don't know but your poem made me feel a lot better because that's how I feel and I know someone feels or felt like that once.
Minahil Sardar
This poem is too good and very touchy. I feel that poet has expressed all my feelings.
WoW. what can I say.WOW you know when its good if it makes your tummy go all funny..
So true your poem is! I have one similar to yours. It deals with keeping feeling locked up inside.
just simply, thanks.
i really do believe in this.. but people whom don't try to show there sadness they suffer more than people whome do show...and i can immagen how much u suffered alone ...u r right ...howing is better than not showing...
Dear Heather, I really felt your poem. I thought that it portrayed emotions that so many people feel. It personally touched me because I have gone through so much in my life, that it is really easy for me to understand and comprehend the emotion that you composed it with. Thank you for your poem.
I feel that your poem touch me in a special way because I feel that there are alot of people that feel that way and sometime don't ever tell anyone how they feel. There are time when I feel sad and blue and I really liked your poem

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