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I wrote this poem as I do all my poetry from past experience. With this one I thought it was time to combat the phrase, "All Men Are Dogs." I want to be known as a man who is not afraid to show his feelings, and still be considered strong. I think that it is time to take away some of that negative image that women have of us. It's time to say "Sista...I'm Sorry."

Sista ... I'm Sorry

Sista I'm sorry...for all the times he made you cry.
I'm sorry for all the times he left you wondering why.

Sista I'm sorry...for the many promises that he never, ever kept.
I'm sorry for all the times that he didn't come home, and all alone you slept.
Sista I'm sorry...that now you think all men will hurt you like he did.
I'm sorry that now you hurt so deep, so you choose to keep your feelings hid.

Sista I'm sorry...please believe that things will get better,
but only time can tell you when.
I'm sorry that I was not around to help you pick up the pieces,
but I'm here to help you put them back together again.

Sista I'm sorry...but he's not coming back,
believing that will only add to your frustration.
I'm sorry but you must do it for yourself,
there can only be self-gratification.

Sista I'm sorry...if you need more than that to help
the echoes of your mind ignore him.
I'm truly sorry, and if that's not enough
then allow me to apologize for him.

Sista I'm sorry...I know you've heard it
over and over from others.
I'm sorry but I must let you know
that there are still some damn good brothers.

Sista I'm sorry...if you haven't noticed
that I am the man for you.
I'm sorry if you can't see past his dirty deeds,
that I'm willing to do all I can for you.

Sista I'm sorry...if you don't believe me,
but I know that hurting you would only put the shame on me.
I'm sorry, but I'm not the one who hurt you,
so please don't put the blame on me.

Sista I'm sorry...if you can't see
that I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
I'm so very sorry, and if it means drying your tears for years,
I'm willing to pay for his mistakes.
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27 Visitor Comments

mami chula
this poem was really good it really touched me i have been hurt soo many times n i seem 2 blame it on others knowing they may not hurt me the same but its hard when the other person said the same but its really gewd if u r willin 2 still be thier this poem was really good
The poem was beautiful. I loved it bcuz its so real. Its not dramatized and the poet is not trying to sound holier than thou. I love it bcuz I can relate to it and I know there r so many more like me, who can. I love it bcuz it gives me hope. And strength. I'll keep my faith. Thanks.
Excellent, horray for the brother for showing the sistas love.
I loved this poem, because for me it hit home greatly, i had a past just like that ,but i am now a very happily married woman, my husband has paid dearly for my ex's mistakes but we are now past all the pain and have moved on, again this poem was great.
i feel you were very deep with this poem. and you let the sista know no matter what it take you were going to make it better. and thats how men need to act like. and for what i read you are a real man.
I really needed to read that poem. I have been hurt timelessly. I just recently got out of a relationship and all the i'm sorries in the poem hit every inch of that relationship. The poem really up lifted my spirits.
This poem made me and my best friend cry it was so beutiful
This poem is so touching it was so touching it was like you were my sister and you were talking to me. It's ashame how these men think that they own everybody . Im feeling that. I think this is the BEST poem I ever read in my whole life.
I loved your poem. Keep up the postive attitude. Us sistas really appreciate this.
I felt it, and when you feel it, well it counts. Because "feeling" is what his poem is all about too, and I was feeling it!
wow. I just. wow. this was so deep! It made me think of my sis and how she means the world to me, even if I do dislike her at points. but even so. this poem is very touching.
I accept your apology Brother! Many Thanks
this poem was so beautiful i hope it will touch others like it touched me. please send me some of your poems i love your poems i'm one of your fans.
That was amazing, I have never read anything like that before - and its so true - girls always end up blaming the next man .
that poem was very touching. it was a graet poem. two thumbs up.
Yes I loved it. Me being a brother like to show his feelings too. Then there are them so called Bbrothers who disrespect the women and then women don't want to trust a brother anymore. I think more brothers need to read it.
great poem. keep on writing you will come a poem someday.
b-e-autiful touched my heart deep down i love it i lo the author
This is a good poem. This is a poem that could be dedicated to a person that a person is cheating on them.
This is a great poem and it really touches the heart. I know what that girl is going through and i think you did really good putting that in words.
My name is Monique and today, just recently, went through a situation dealing with my boy friend. We broke up because he wasn't treating me with the respect and kindness that I deserve. He didn't beat me he just verbally hurt me. But now I know the actions to take when a male hurts my feelings. Don't deal with the pain and kick them to the curb. Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't the only one.
this was awsome!
Wonderful, a good choice of words.
Bravo! Bravo! Strange' honey strange'!
Excellent poem, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
I wish there were more men out there in this world with the personality of Charmer, the author of the poem "Sista - I'm Sorry"
Oh my god this is good!

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