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When gifts of the heart are more important than gifts of the material. What have I to offer you but love? much more indeed...a poem for a friend you wish to be more than a friend

Just Beyond The Stars

I could love you
like no other
man has ever loved before
take you deep
within myself
to only love you more.

I could take you
to such heights
with such a captivating view
watch the sunrise
on the bay
and share my world with you.

I could sing you
sweet refrains
with such pleasant melodies
if you'd open
up your heart
and take a chance on me.

I can offer
morning smiles
awake with kisses at the light
be your shelter
from the storm
hold you safe throughout the night.

You've brushed such beauty
on the page
and on the canvas of my heart
stirred my soul
to live again
and brought new passion to my art.

You have raised
me to new heights
such as that I've never known
captured freely in the spell
of your sweet euphonic tones
as the colors
somehow blend
meandering, enchant, engage,
and yet words
still somehow fail,
these simple words upon the page.

These could never quite portray
all the wonder
and the charms,
all the thoughts
that flow so freely
as I hold you in my arms.
I can't promise
fancy clothes, finest gold
or fastest cars
but a world
so full of dreams
lying just beyond the stars.
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6 Visitor Comments

a fabulous poem that touches, lingers, speakesthe softness that describe love so wonderfull & meaningfull . i dont know about others but i like it verrry much!
I'm dreamy now :}
very touching.
I loved it. It seems like heaven. Reading this is what everyone would like there relationship to be.But if it can't be this why not be able to dream it?
Wow i just came to this poem to search for stars and wow this poem is nice. it isn't exactly what i was looking for but i have to admit this one is great!
what I would want to hear.

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