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This poem was written in response to a posting on this site. The poet had written a beautiful poem about her temptation to stray from a serious relationship for someone she found new and exciting. This poem seeks to tell her that her decision has to be lived with.

Don't Tell Me You're Sorry

She said she was sorry and started to cry
Said it just happened, she didn’t know why
She said she’d not loved him, she only loved me
She said she’d not stray again ever - I’d see

I pictured their passionate times in my mind
I searched for forgiveness but none could I find
I knew if she loved me then surely she’d see
That her moments with him brought us both misery

So I pulled from her grasp and I just walked away
And the dreams that we shared were forgotten that day
Though she’d asked for forgiveness I just had to find
A love I could count on to truly be mine

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19 Visitor Comments

I love your poem!
I felt the same way. nothing has changed still in seach of true love
mami chula
that was really gewd thats what im goin through but its the other way around its really good
it takes great strenght to let go of someone you love even if they hurt you and i admire that. i have been in that situation but sadly i did not have the strenght to let go. you do not give up on love that easily.
This poem was so sad. I loved it because it is truth on paper. It is hard to get those feelings out and it sounded beautiful
i loved this poem i wish i had it to read about 6 yrs ago it would have enspired me more at that time
hated it! not really it was a great poem, made me cry; thats why i hated it.
I loved your poem but maybe she was really sorry. I can see you've been hurt, but sometimes is it necessary to throw away everything?
Brilliant, realy made me think. Any woman who has been tempted to stray or thinks they might be tempted should read this. Brought a tear to my eye.
this poem shows the true beauty of love and life. its truly a magnificent piece of art!keep up the good work!
This poem should be sent to all those girls who like to hurt guys.
This poem expressed how I feel about a love I had..and what could have happened to me. The only word I could think of after I read this poem was 'wow'. I think that word is perfect for this poem.
This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read! This was so wonderful and you have a lot of talent!! I am sorry that this girl did this to you, but obviously she doesn't deserve you!
Very sweet
I love this poem and I think it hits many people at heart! It doesn't matter what side of the relationship they were on. Thank you! I truly love this poem!
This poem reflected my soul and how I felt about a past love. It has also helped me struggle forward and find new love.
Really makes me realize what I have done to the man who loves me. Very deep. Hit home.
I enjoyed your poem and the way you said it. It is only too true that trust is easily lost to temptation. thank you for sharing.
nice poem

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