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This is a plea to whatever higher being may govern love, to let us know. It's been a relationship where things have gone bad, but neither can let go. It's struggling for an answer, wondering, after all that's happened, and we still can't let go...why do we still fight against it? Here's hoping we can let it go and follow our hearts.


If loving you is painful,
I'd still do it 'till I die.
For the moment that I stop,
I'm already dead inside.

Faith is so unique,
Hard to find in this time.
The faith I have in you though,
Is why I write this rhyme.

I know I play real tough,
and say to you "I'm fine"
But I can't live without you,
Is that so asinine?

I've never loved so much,
or wanted so damn bad.
Maybe I should have known,
that for me, you can't be had.

Smart, sweet, and fun,
Are all the things you are.
What most do not see though,
Is that your love is best, by far.

Sexy, pretty, beautiful.
More than I've ever seen.
The one I've always wanted.
Please, tell me this isn't a dream.

Lots of things have happened,
Don't really know what to do.
But I'll stay by your side always, my love,
And pray my dreams come true.....

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7 Visitor Comments

I really like this poem and I think I know who it is talking about.
Very good romantic poem.
this is a wonderful poem very meaningfor also I would like to say gooood name!
i love this poem. it is one of the best i have ever read. brian hudson is a good , because it is mine also
I feel you.
I really enjoyed this poem, I think that it has a lot of truth behind it and it relates a lot to my life right now. Thanks
It's wonderful how a certain poem can pinpoint what you are feeling, and this poem truly captured my emotions. It was like reading my own thoughts.

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