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This poem is about a guy that I met shortly after the end of a long relationship with my first love. I wrote it a year later as I began to appreciate his value for the first time after "getting over" the break-up. Then I realized that from the time I met him he would be the one to make me realize my value.

At First Sight

You walked in just as cool as you pleased
Not knowing what impression you would leave,
Or the mark you placed on my heart
And hopes of your return to claim it.

You stepped in not understanding the impact of your presence,
Or the dreams you ignited in a fire that was extinguished a few months prior;

And yet somehow you knew how to make your space known and placed constant
reminders so that I couldn't forget you.

Did you intend to leave me in this state,
Or did your natural charm take control and run with it?

Did you know that your conscious mind, well kept body, and soothing voice
would leave me with no other option but to want you for myself,
Or do you believe you were just being yourself, not realizing the
ramifications of your actions?

Was your kiss meant to reinforce all the thoughts that you established,
Or was it as innocent as it felt,
Soft, warm, and full of anticipation of what would follow?

You walked in that day and created something new,
Built upon it,
And now it has grown into something great;

And although neither of us know what would come of that day we met,
If I knew then what I know now,
I wish that day would have come sooner.
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3 Visitor Comments

I really connected with the poem. I just had an amazing first connection with someone who has left a imprint in my heart. Is he going to call back? I don't know, but the poem has brought up those feelings I felt the first time I laid my eyes on him.
i just started dating a new guys and when i read this poem i just had to send it to him. it was the perfect poem. the poem itself is so true to. you did a great job and he liked it too.
that poem explained the way i was feeling and it helped my crush understand too thanks!!!!!!!

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