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In Manslow's Hierarchy of basic needs, one element that is essential to life is security. Security is generally found in a place where one feels safe, or a home. A home can be with a person that one loves, a family that is caring, or even in a place that one finds a sanctuary in, (i.e., a forest or a mountain top). I found my home with someone that I have found a deep respect and love for. Whenever I am with this person I feel safe and never want to leave ... hopefully this person feels the same way... but you can never be certain, but the heart never lies.

Going Home

You can never go home,
That is what they say.
My response is just a smile,
I know I'll find my way.

Miles and miles to get there,
That is what I might have to do.
But it is all so simple,
My home is inside of you.

Nothing warms my heart,
Than the way you can.
My home, my sanctuary,
Is when you hold my hand.

Hold me in your arms,
until I fall asleep.
Dreams end as I begin to wake up,
You're gone, I'm weak.

Home is where the heart is,
My home is with you.
Since we aren't together,
What am I supposed to do?

I'll find my way back home.
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5 Visitor Comments

this poem tells me how small my problems are compared to what you are going through. be strong. we will find home someday
when i read this it makes me think of my ex ilove him so much and i wont to be with him but his gram wont let him go out with me until he is out of school for good which is 2007 i think i mite read this to him i don't know keep wrighting its good.
This is a very great poem. I've told my ex about how i found home in her, and this poem says the way I feel.
this poem is so touching 4 me right now because my neighbor fosters and she has a 2 yr old right now named korbin and he is so cute and sweet he is leaving tomarrow and to read this it made my cry. it is great
Oh so true

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