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I've always had trouble expressing my emotions orally because I've feared the rejection of what I would like to say. The rejection I fear most is to the words 'I love you'. But, given quiet time alone with pen and paper, my emotions pour into poetic frenzies. Yet, I rarely let anyone see my poems because I feared that they too would be rejected.

It was not until I met the man of my dreams that I realized that I must learn to overcome my fears. He was constantly expressing how he felt about me, yet, I never told him how I felt about him. I was too afraid. One night he said to me, with tears in his eyes, "If I stay in this relationship never knowing how you feel about me, sooner or later I know that one of us will be leaving with a broken heart". Given a golden opportunity to pour my heart out, I was foolish and said nothing as tears fell from his eyes in my silence.

That night, I went home and sat on my bed crying, wishing that I could find the courage to say what my heart felt before I lost the man who I was falling more in love with each day. When my tears had subsided, I got out my notebook and wrote this poem. The next day, as I watched him read it, I saw tears fall from his eyes. When he was done reading, he wrapped his arms around me in an embrace that will remain with me forever.

These Words I'd Say To You

You held me close
And I could feel you're heart beat
You looked deep into my eyes
And I did shudder
It's hard to understand this hold you have on me
I can't imagine it could get any better

You make my heart soar
Within you're passionate embrace
You make my body tremble
Within you're sweet caress
In my mind, I have pleaded,
Please don't fall in love with me
But here in my heart I have fallen for you
Here now, in my heart there is we

I love you
These words I'd say to you
If I did not fear to speak
These words I'd say to you that you may love me

I've yearned for passion
And you've given it to me
Restored the dreams I'd thought I'd lost
I've yearned for tenderness
And it is every part of you
Put my spirit to the test
You help me live
My heart to you the only cost

I love you
These words I'd say to you
If I did not fear to speak
These words I'd say to you
These words - I love you
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2 Visitor Comments

This reminds me of my dad, who past. when I was 4 1/2 year. I'm verry touched by this.
this poem really tuched me it remined me of me because sometimes i can't tell the person i am falling in love with that i love him sometimes i just wish i could

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