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I wrote this poem at a time in my life in which my friend deserted me. It hurt me because I thought he really cared and it confused me so...the sudden change. I now know that when things get rough, you discover who your friends really are. I miss you.. Yet, I know it will never be the same.

And Where Were You?

I never thought I'd see this day,
I never thought I'd feel this way,
You...a stranger to me now.
I'm left with emptiness...
I wish I knew how it could be,
That we were once so open and free.
You were like my brother.. yet so much more
I wish I would have seen what I see now before.
For, I did not and it's too late...
My friend, my lover once, is now unknown.
And what hurts the most is I now know..
What I lost.. and I'm alone.
To face a challenge life has sent,
And not a moment with you I've spent.
I hope one day I can forgive you, my friend..
I miss you....
Why did you go?
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84 Visitor Comments

I realy love this poem, because ive been in that situation with a so called friend of mine. But this peom realy touches me because most of the females I know did me dirty!Keep your head up and keep it real!
I reallyloved ur poem i dnt no exactly hw u feel bt i knda do sumfn lyk dat happnd 2 me 2 an i n t hurtz an ul alwayz love hm bt tz js aprt of lyf
Wow this really summed up what happened w/ my BEST FRIEND and then Boy Friend! I can really relate and this wasn't even the type of peom i was looking for!
i love this poem i think of my best friend katie im fixing to move and im hurting becasue of she is my worl and i love her to death and dont want to lose her so i just wanted to say this is a great poem strong words and powerful message
i miss my best friend and
Om my gosh. i can relate to this poem almost 100%. just recently a friend of mine whom i loved with all of my heart just randomly turned his back on me, and when i had a very close friend of both mine and his ask him what was up, he said that "he didn't know me. " and anyone who has ever had that happen to them knows it hurts them down to their very core to hear that from someone whom they loved and thought was their friend. so yeah. this poem really made me feel like i wasnt alone in this kind of thing. i loved it.
I have to say, very touching. Just recently I had a male friend. We spent much time together while my boyfriend was out of town. Then one day-I decided to go and bring him food and mabie play some guitar. I found him slouched in his chair almost dead. I went through trauma for I was told he will not make it. Well-he made it through and will not talk to me. I only heard from him once after he had been in the hospital for a month. He is out now and deserted me as a friend. He is out of touch and I am out of mind from this. Some things I just can't understand. Keep writing, It helps! Thanx Lisa
I absolutely LOVE this poem! It described exactly what I felt when my best friend deserted me. So, I know how hard it is to go through it but you're lucky enough to be able to know how to express yourself through words. I want to thank you for this poem and I hope to read more of your life-related and beautiful poetry!
I am not alone. The unanswered questions. the distancing done on purpose. so happy glad that you espressed yourself in this poems, unfortunately IT still remains a mystery
I really liked this poem. it eas so nice i though of one of my best guy friend i use to have but now he probably hates me. =(
Your poem has really made me think about the situation i am in now and how much i can relate 2 ur poem is unbelievable! u must have heard that alot, ur poem is truly inspiring, thank u xx
I really loved you're poem it made me feel as if I should try to forget what has happend to me and why life has let me down.
i liked yr poem ,, I liked it soo much ,,once i couldn`t explain to myself wt has happened ,, but yr poem had already explained everything ,, we all have faced that , and i know how bad is it to feel that someone left u for nothing ,, just because u loved him
WOW this poem describes exactly how i feel and how my friendship loss did to me. you have great talent and can put great feelings into words. there is nothing more i can say about it. its great!
Well i think it's great it makes me remember about one of my homegurlz that soon will be leaving me. It hurts when u lose someone u really care about Right? Great Job with the Friendship poemz
Your poem touched my heart. There were 4 of us in our "bestfriends" group. We have all been friends over 15 years and all live in the same town. In 2004 I lost my older sister to cancer and then 29 days later I lost my dad to suicide. None of my 3 friends came to either funeral. That was almost 2 years ago now. I've only seen 1 of them since at a dinner party. I wish they only knew how selfish they are. Keep your beautiful work flowing.
i can relate to this poem very much because one of my very close friends which of course was a boy left me as soon as high school came around. he always told me beautiful things on how he was never going to leave and that we were always going to be together forever as friends but then we got close and we became more. yet i still dont talk to him as much as i would really like he was like a brother to me and he decided just to leave without even saying goodbye. thats why i relate ALOT to this poem and thank you for writing it because i know i couldnt even begin to write this. so on behalf of the non-poetically inclined THANK YOU!
this is a very nice poem which touched my heart very deeply. I was in search of this poem coz my heart has also been broken by my friend.
na na
i love your poem keep up the good work i lost some one very special to me and i love poems that i can relate to and i just love your poem so much and if there is more please let me know
i think your poem was great it really touch me i hope you and your friend get toguether again wel. thats all
This poem expresses alot of what I felt when my best friend ditched me for her boyfriend and I haven't heard from her since. It touched me and this poem expresses what I couldn't!
i liked this poem alot, mainly cause it represents my feelings in words. yea it sucks alot wen u loose one of your greatest friends. and it hurts more knowing that they walked away from u on purpose. and i hate those dumb reason why people seperate. but this poem is extremely touching. i usually dont do this. but i decided to leave a comment on this one !
hey this poem really got 2 me well done m8 coz me n my best m8 just ad a massive arguement and know he wants my blood and i really dont wanna lose him as a m8 but i guess thats 2 late now but seriously well done
happened to me
this poem is great. it make think of what my friend did. Left me, ditch me he was onces my best friend but now no more
I really loved this poem because it reminds me of when things went wrong for my best friend and I and how I hurt. I am glad that there are people that actually relate with me and that I am not the only one out there that feels like this
Great poem I just lost a good friend and it really hlped LOL Cali
Excellent poem. Going through much the same thing right now and this poem just seems to fit.
It's a GREAT poem! Very emotional to those who know, but GREAT!
well I liked it simply becoz its something I wish I could say to one person I had sumhow loved. but we drifted apart. and i wud really wish i that I'm brave enough to ask him what happened. -(
i've felt the same way you do.
Your poem was amazing, and very touching-Every step of the way. I related to this poem unlike any other. My best friend moved away and it was as though I had never seen knew him. Congratulations on making such an outstanding piece of work. Keep up the incredible job.
I love it. I feel the exact same way. I'm a freshman. My friend since 5th grade has been slowly drifting apart. Now I finally see that nothing will be the same. I dont know. A lot of people can relate to this. It is a great poem. Good job!
this was really a nice poem. i liked it and sent it too as a gift for my special friend Andrew. thanx
I just wanted to thank you for your poem i am in a huge fight with a "friend" of mine and this poem just about outlined it and lets me know im not the only one that has friends that do those kind of things to them. thanx. i really appreciate it.
Tou have a special talent, I can tell in your writing. But you should always forgive your friend as long as you know their worth trusting again. And by the way you wrote about your friend they are worth it.
This poem describes almost perfectly what happened between me and one of my best friends. We were wicked close and then he told me that he was tired of our friendship and all it did was bring him hell. He had his reasons but he had brought them upon himself and i tried to help him through them. But one day he just up-n-left and hasnt talked to me since.
your poem is really touching. i really liked it it was really sweet. look i just lost one of my best friends because someone told her a lie and she believed her over me i know everyone says that thats not a true friend but me and her were so close and could share nething together she like my sister ive spent like the last few days crying but i really like your poem!keep up the good work
My best friend and I are recently drifting apart and just reading this made me realize how much I miss him!
That's a nice poem you made -up. I like ie alot. Thank You!
I can relate alot to this poem. i had a best frend who was also my lover and at times b/f. but he left me because he felt he needed space. i felt so alone and hurt and at times still do. and this poem helps me realize im not the only one who has had this happen
This is a Great Poem! I loved it I started crying when I read it. I sent it to my friend that I was starting to lose and we are closer now thank you.
I really enjoyed this poem. two of my best friends died in a car accident on August 23, 2003. You can never forget how much it hurts that you didnt get to say goodbye! :'(
I think that this poem was like so true that it made me wanna cry. This peom was awsome
I realy liked your poem because my friend of 6 years has found a boyfriend. And just started to leve all of us her real friends behind im the last one she has i hope this poem is wat brings us back togather. Thanks
i loved this poem. i sent it to a mate of 7 years as i have moved and she sent me back 'we are friends forever, this life ive recieved many gifts the best. ??? you - a true friend. its amazing what talent you have could save me from losing a friend. THANK YOU! x
heyy i think your poem is really great and i can relate to it so good because i had a great guy friend who totally turned his back on me and now we dnot even talk and ya really touching
This poem made me cry. I write poems too, so I can understand how much effort and feelings is put into a single line. My best friend fought with me over a small matter and gave me the cold shoulder for months. She told other people bad things about me. I pretended to ignore it, but felt very sad inside. Even though she and I have made it up now, but our friendship can never be what it used to be. She had cast a thorn in my heart by doubting me. I forgave her, but can never forget.
I sent this Poem to my friend of 6 years who is slowly drifting apart from me because she is only hanging out with her boyfriend and her boyfriends friends andher prettier and cooler friends! I don't know what to do! So i sent her this poem and hopefully your talent (i liked the poem by the way) can help her remember me and so we don't drift apart forever! Thank you alot! ::Tear:: IM glad you wrote that poem!
i really really love your poem we had the same experience my friend leave me all alone she always mail a letter to me that we are bestfriends forever and shes always there for me but now shes not she had just transfer from another school and i think our frienship die imiss her terriblywere are friend gradeshool and now im in 3rd yr.
Me and my friend of 4 years got in a horrible fight and now we never speak to each other ever and I miss her sooooo much , but I know it will never be the same again , and I don't think I could ever trust her, your poem made me really think about me and her , and your poem makes me know now that I am not the only one who had lost a close friend so dear to me , this poem is wonderful and full of emotion and I loved it so much , keep 'em comeing!
I have felt every emotion in this poem. I was there. But now I have my dear friend back after17 years and I will never loose him again.
this poem reminds me of my best fiends and the wonderful times we once shared . we were in different schools then,and when i was feelin so helpless in my new school,they were not by my side,ireally felt like crying everday until i die then,but it's okay now.
ur poem is really greaaaaat it really touched me especially that i'm hurt from a similar situation.
i liked your poem it took me back to were i lost my best friend once and it brought a tear to my eye. Its good to know im not alnoe on this thank you!
This reminds me of a really close friend! Thanks for putting it on here!
My best friend of 11 years who was my soul mate, room mate for many of those 11 years and meant so much to me walked out of my life and has not spoken to me. After a year and a half sending him holiday and Birthday cards, messages on voice mail no return calls or word. I lost both my parents weeks apart from one another recently and no family around and I reached out to him again thinking, hoping, praying he would reach back. I was wrong. to this day I have no idea what happened or why after 11 strong years of solid friendship this happened. We shared so much and trusted each other like brothers. I am lost, confused and so alone wondering if ever I will see or speak to him again.
I love your poem! It simply makes me cry like a baby. :) Keep up!
The poem really brought tears yo my eyes. I am really going though a tough time with my best friend. I do not know what to tell her and how hopefully this poem will tell her how I feel. I think you did a wonderful job on this poem and I hope you write many more that I can vote for.
Hey, I love this poem. It says exactly what i feel now that me and my best friend are apart. Thank you
that poem was brilliant and borught tears to my eyes, it brought out emotions and said so many things that i certainly can relate to. keep writing them!
I fell exactly the same way. My friend stabbed me in the back and it hurt me so bad. even though I can't stand to even think about him, I still miss him soo much! Great poem!
i totally understand this poem since it's exactly word for word what happened to me and my former brother and best friend. he'll always be my brother, but i'm hoping one day we'll find each other again. good job's nice to know once in a while that there are people who understand, so thanks a lot for that.
WOW! That poem totally blew me away. I can relate to it so well! Thanks 4 putting it up here!
This poem is true feelings.I went through soemhting simalar about 6 months ago with my best friend. Now that the new school year has started I have him in one of my classes it is hard and keeps bringing back unresolved feelings. I want to talk to him but I can't Good job.
This poem touches me very much. Just lost a friend. He just disappeared without a trace, without a word...without reason. Not knowing is a torture. But I wish him well n I only have fond memories of him. Nice one Valerie :)
I've lost my very best friend a weeks ago...What i felt right now described in this poem.
I cried when I read this poem. I showed my friend this and she cried too. I love this poem, and I hope that what is described in the poem doesn't happen to me.=(
That poem was good. We really enjoyed it! Keep up the hard work! Thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you
hey i like this poem i just sent it to a friend i lost and i hope he reads it andunderstands how i feel right now. thanks for coming up with a poem like this
I really liked u r poem, cuz I'm in thiat kind f situation right now, except I don't mis her, she's the one that made the mistake, and I wish I nver met her! Newayz, you write really really really godd! Keep it up val!
your poem really gets to me, I know the pain of thinking you would never loose that special friend
Nothing is lost.
WOW. I lost a friendship last year - a friend of ten years. I write poems like this one...and all of them make me cry. I love it, Valerie. You're very talented.
This reminds me a lot of my life. I go through his so much.
Your poem really touched me!!! I am recently going through the SAME THING!! It was like your poem described my situation perfectly!!!
I really liked this poem. It reminds me of my friend that moved away. I's going to send it to him.
I really liked your poem cause I could relate to it well, the language was simple and it had a good sound to it. Very effective
WOW!! This is a really great poem adn I can relate to it so well that is scares me...I complement the writer and encourage them to keep writing!! It was great!!
It's very effective and when I read it I remember my lycee memories

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