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I wrote this poem as an apology to my best friend. We'd been friends for half our lives, 12 years. Things happened that never should have and now we're no longer friends. I miss her. I hope this poem touches someone, because it didn't touch her.


There were promises made in childhood,
In the days of their innocence.
They laughed, they played, they cried.

Throughout high school dramas,
Broken hearts, and adolescence,
Their special friendship thrived.

The little girls grew up and
Became wives and mothers.
It happened in an instant.

They gave bridal and baby showers,
Each advising the other.
Still close across the distance.

One day, the inevitable happened,
An event that changed their lives.
It had the power to destroy.

They were both the betrayed and betrayer.
Can their friendship survive?
Or will they live with the void?

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44 Visitor Comments

Great poem, exactly what happened to me an my bestfriend J. O
i think this poem was great and u sould write more for anoter pepole i read i lo of poame butt this is the best of them all
its so touching! its like a real poet wrote it
this poem was very easy to understand and touchy
I really loved the poem. I can so relate to how she feels. I was friends with someone for 13 years and all over a something simple (a guy) we are no longer friends. SO i can definallty relate. This peom is the best one i have read in awhile. I salute the girl that wrote this.
i loved this poem it describes me i will so say this at my graduation!
i like ur poem, i guess because it kind of relates to what has happened to me and my friend or ex-friend. Although we are only 19 it turns and i only tried to help her in every way possible the friendship won;t survive. I loved your poem because of that.
This is a really good poem it really really really really touched me
This poem was really something I thought i could relate simply because it is almmost the exact same thing that happened to me. To say the leaste I have lost one friend that really meant a lot to me all because of trouble that started because of another friend
it really conectd with me. im going thru sumfin similar i thought lorenza was the sisiter that was never given to me but it seems that lifes changes has pulled us apart. we used to be like family but noe it just a quich hi and goodbye. it feels liek every gootimr is over. never to come back agian. thannks
this poem is wonderful! a couple of months ago my best friend of 20 years called it quits. i can relate to the words you have so beautifully written. i plan on emailing this poem to her in hopes of trying to work through what happened. and to see my neice and nephew who i love with all my heart. thank you
this was a tight poem i had a friend like what your saying and are friendship is not there anymore even though i am only 16 are friendship fell apart keep writting it is very good ashley
i really loved this poem cause it describes exactly what happened between me and my best friend. and it really touched me cause i really miss her.
this really toched me i know what it feels like too.
i liked the poem it really touched me in alot of ways because thats how me and my cousin were and now were becoming mothers
its was sweet
I really was touch my your poem. Its amazing how you think nothing can happen then boom something splits you guys up. Its so sad and you probably wonder why it had to happen that way.
Dear Tara, Today I ended a friendship of 26 years. I'm trying to get a grip. It seems difficult putting my feelings into thoughts without sounding like a journal entry (LOL). My friend Terri, well. she disgraced me. You could call it a "Betrayal of innate loyalty", coupled with complete disrespect for my spouse and I. She backed me into a corner and I came out swinging (fictitious pun)in response to her verbal attack on me. The bottom line is she hurt me, she hurt me bad! I don't know, I was searching the web for answers to questions like; What did I do to deserve this? I just looked no further and realized "I've done nothing" Her senselessness stems from manipulation. She's an innocently weak individual. Never the less, I read your poem and it hit home. Thank you
sandy (sis)
great poem very tense and touching great poem
I love your poem. I hope it touches more poeple. I hope you and your friend become friends agian. thank you for letting me share this. keep writing poems you are good
I really liked it. Keep up the good work!
This poem really struck a cord with me. My best friend has just cut me out of her life and replaced me with someone else. I know this void will remain forever. Keep up the good work.
I really related to your poem crossroads, I am going through the same thing right now. I enjoy all of your poetry, thx. for sharing.
it is good
This was such a great and tuching poem. I had to deal with the same thing you had to,but i just loved your poem.
It was a great & beautiful poem. It happen in me recently where my best friend which I had for 18 years, exchanges this friendship by fallen for the guy I've waited for 2 years. Funny where she ask me to give her & the guy a chance to be together even the guy making his clarification to me. 18th years friendship are just gone like this .
It was sad but true. I loved it!
I just want to say that this poem touch my heart i no how u feel, cause the smae happened to me.
Hey i thought that your poem was very beautiful but what did happen
Your poem hit the spot, I could not in my own words discribed my best friends 14 yr friendship that came to a haulting stop. I miss her dearly but the hurt after a year is still fresh, that or I'm still confused on how it abruptly ended. Hopefully one day our paths will cross again. Coincidence her name is Tanya.
i just loved this poem. may god bless u!
i loved it,Keep up the good workand remember friends come and go
I would like to thank you for writing this. I just went through a lost friendship and it was just like yours. This was a wonderful poem
i really thought that poem was beautiful. i don't understand how it didn't touch your best friend. knowing it was from a best friend is what touched me. to feel all that and have the courage to put it in words is what is so touching about it. i'm really sorry that what happend happend.
I think that this poem realy touched my heart. It had meaning and depth I think that every-one should have the chance to enjoy the poem in the way that I did!
great poem
When i read this poem i thought of my best friend for 5 years because we r no longer friends just because of a boy i wish we could still be friends and s=if she ever wants to be i will always be here
I just wanted to say that this is a beautiful, touching poem that reminded me of a best friend i had growing up.
It is a great poem, and a friendship that was suppose to last usually don't. I had a friend that I thought was my sister, and my blood but she was neither. I took this friendship for granite, and it hurt so much that I am unable to find a friend like her. I also choose water over blood, and now I know that "blood is thicker than water!"
It really sweet and true and I think every one should read it.
I was just wondering what was so bad that distroyed such long and devotent friendship?

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