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The "The Brand New Day" was written during a time in my life when I had lost my job. I had just turned 40 years old and to be told my services was no longer needed, I cried like a baby.

I had a nervous breakdown. I was taught that a man wasn't suppose to cry and that a man needed to support his family.

I was so depressed, I felt everyone was against me. Then, there was the domestic problems. I had to see a doctor for medication to control my anger.

The doctor told me I could either go back to school and learn a new skill or stay medicated to control my anger. I chose to go back to school and once I had a focus, I was on the road to recovery.

This poem depicts the beauty in life, that each one of us should not neglect. Sometimes a crisis reminds us of our fallible state.

The Brand New Day

At dawn, through my opened window,
I gazed upon a breathless,
And heart-stopping sight.

On the horizon in front of me,
Appeared an aurora of mystical lights,
Reflecting deep into the cavities and,
Ridges of the surrounding mountains.

Before me shown the early light,
Penetrating the morning mist,
As it caused perpetual golden rays
To illuminate through the highest
Mountain peaks,
Awakening the earth below.

As I peered closely,
Brilliant colors of light
Stretched upward,
Like fingers on a hand
Into the yet, dawning sky.

Oh, as I gazed at this precious sight,
Time itself seemed to be waiting,
And wanting to grasp hold of
The first beams, that would burst forth
From the East and to witness,
The suns smile beckoning
"The Brand New Day. "
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6 Visitor Comments

this poem is vry touching i just love it.
This touched my heart, I shared it with all my friends and family.
This is a nice poem.
Written between the words is a truth for all men. Sometimes courage is to simply start again. Well written - I empathized in the moment.
in times of turmoil & dispair, it's always difficult to see the better side of things.your poem Les, inspires me to see the other side.thank you.
I enjoy poetry a lot, out of all the ones I've read tonight I liked yours the best. Your descriptions are beatiful. People so often think life ends at 40, especially young people, when really it just begins. This web page encourages me to share poetry I have written.

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