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This is a poem about consequences and regrets for your actions. It is about how important it is to think before doing something that may haunt you always.

A Hummingbird Spoke To Me One Day

Years ago, one summer
I came upon a little hummingbird,
no bigger than my thumb.
As it fluttered about a flower
in search of sweet nectar,
I stood, frozen in time, and
was mesmerized by its grace.
I'm not sure why,
or what compelled me,
but I ran inside
to get my brother's BB gun.
As I raced back to my prey,
I did not think
of my actions, or
of consequences, or
But only of the thought,
"I wonder if I can get it with one shot?"
At that moment, it turned to me
as if to say,
"What a beautiful creature.
so full of life, and
love, and
It is a wonderful day to be
But I did not listen.
Instead, intent on my mission,
I aimed, and
pulled the trigger.
And in one thoughtless moment,
a tiny lifeless body lay before

I am now thirty- eight years old.
And since that summer of my youth,
A thousand memories and regrets
I have.
And one that haunts me still
is a small one.

If only . . . I had listened with my heart.
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12 Visitor Comments

This poem is an eye opener put into words, that seems to be meant for someone I know. We all should read this poem and learn from it.
Your poem is well written and full of meaning. wish I could put words together so well. thank you and keep on writing. you will make a difference n someones life someday.
the hummingbird is my heart
We can each one relate to this. very well written!
Word's cannot describe the Beauty of this poem. My frist reaction was,how beautiful!
I really liked this poem. It reveals not only our baser instincts but also our more caring and sensitive ones. How often we speak to quickly and wound sensitive egos? How often we live long enough to regret? How often we wish to undo what we have done in haste.
It is a sweet poem. It's sad, but it touches the heart.
A small one ? who knows maybe we learn more from the so called small ones. Loved it, felt it.
i've done that before.. sad.
This poem is very sad.I guess the consequences are what makes you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, you'll never have to take another harmless and innocent life away.
At 40, understood this poem all too well. I'm glad you put your regret(s) into words.

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