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Sometimes things happen in life that you want to let go and never will be able to. It is always in the back of your mind. You don't think about it everyday, but it has molded you into a new person. Once you discover how this has affected you, then you have two choices. Like the person you have become, or change yourself into the person you used to be.

The Old Me

Look down deep -
deep inside of your mind;
an old part of you
I know you will find.

The part that is hiding
and doesn't want to be found;
it has hidden too long
and won't come around.

You know it is there,
hiding way down inside
the place that you think
you have gone in to hide.

Let your inner self free;
let it run, let it ride.
Let it out, let it sing;
let it out from inside.

It has hidden too long,
that old self that is you;
because you were hurt,
let it out and run through.

There is something there
that is wonderful indeed;
it was once nourished -
it came from a seed.

That wonderful you
that you hide deep inside,
let it out, let it run;
please don't let it hide.

Those who really know you
miss the old you, it's true;
and for that they are sad.
They only want what's best for you.

So let yourself out;
be happy, be glad.
Don't let the past hold you -
the one that was bad.

Release your old self,
the one we once knew;
the one we came to love,
please let yourself shine through.

Oh, we see bits and pieces
every once in awhile;
the old you shines through
and gives us a smile.

We miss that part,
that old part of you;
we miss all the fun
and the laughter we knew.

Please just come back.
I hope you find the way
back into our lives
and we hope you will stay;

Because we do miss
that old part of you,
the one we once loved,
the one that we knew.

Come back to the world
where everyone's free;
come back to our world,
the one that we see.

That one that is hopeful,
joyous, and glad -
a world full of love,
even though good and bad.

The world won't change.
It's sad but it's true;
but we know that you can
come back to the old you.

The one who is happy
and sees all that is great -
the one who's optimistic,
who doesn't care if they're late.

Please, won't you return
that old wonderful you?
Won't you bounce back
to the one we once knew?

I've hidden too long
deep down inside.
I've crawled into myself,
and I tried to hide.

I'm still learning
to set myself free;
one day I will learn
how to be the old me.
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4 Visitor Comments

its just a wonderful piece of poetry. i really love it
Thought your poem was very good Thank you for shareing it with me
This poem was absolutely wonderful. I thought it was well done and beautifully put together.
i think this poem says a lot about life and its exactly how i feel today. i want to go back to my old self because that was the greatest person, now my life is all screwed up and im a pothead i want help, thanks for writing such a meaningful poem. This well help me along to my path recovery.

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