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A little observation on life caused me to write this poem. After the break up of a friendship or a relationship, there is always a period of bitterness. This is an appeal to the people who feel that bitterness to look again, with no false ideals, and to put history as history.

I personally wrote this for a friend of mine who was looking at me in this way, but didn't have the confidence to send it. Maybe by publishing it, it will be sent by others and will save and improve a few relationships.


You have convinced yourself the hardest thing,
To defy the strongest feeling.
To turn your back on the nicest seed,
And destroy love given, which you need.

To paint the lover with a tarnished brush,
Take his personality, and crush,
Bend, distort so all good is hidden
So evil comes forth, false and unbidden.

That evil in small amounts is common
In all people, no matter where from.
If you look for it, you will find in all
The ability to hurt, maim and maul.

But suppress the evil and look for good.
In an ideal world, all people should,
And you will see the love, the care, the best
Evil turns to dust when facing the rest

So I beg you to look again at me
with no prejudice, let your mind be free,
For within me you will see and find
Someone who is loving, caring and kind.
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4 Visitor Comments

I thought that poem was extrodinary.It deals with life and how some dont understand how we all have good in us. No matter who we are or where we come from.
after going through a painful court case against my aunts husband for abuse' whhich left my aunt hating my family,this poem says everything to med !I hate the fact that she took his side against the family but miss her so much and wish she'd come back to us.maybe someday i'll send her this poem --thanks, it's brill.
so so true thank you

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