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One time I was talking to a friend, who mentioned that he will go for days without checking the mailbox and that the mailman probably hates him. I was thinking of that, and it became the inspiration for this poem.

I Don't Want To

I do not want to clean my room
I cannot close the door;
There's so much junk piled here and there
I cannot see the floor.

I do not want to cut the grass
It's almost one foot high;
And the weeds are so abundant
I just don't want them to die.

I do not want to get the mail
I haven't in many a day;
The box is probably full of junk
And many bills to pay.

I do not want to rake the lawn
I haven't since last fall;
There are plenty of leaves left over
Hidden in the grass so tall.

I do not want to do my work!
Have I got that clear to you?
I'll get it done some other day
Have I got that through?
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30 Visitor Comments

I absolutely love it! It is just the one I need for my class project, Its FANTASTIC!
i chose this person because its true many children mayb even adults r lazy 2 day that is the first poem that i read and liked
This poem is off the chian to bad it had to end. Keep this up
this rocks love it man! very funny and creative lol
My son complained that he could not find a poem that he liked to read to his class. Thank you so much for creating this poem and giving him the incentive to make an effort. We both think it is brilliant and believe it will go down well with his teacher and class.
that was funny. i would like to have a copy of it.
liked your poem kinda reminded me of Green Eggs and Ham the way it flowed.
OMG. this poem is awesome. i love it. i am going to use it for mi english project.
haha this is funny lol thats exactly how i am
it a very funny poem.
good poem and true loved it
This poem is funny and demanding and it's too cool it kinda shows somethings about me lol. Well I'm chosing this on my LA Project thx man
Awesome poem! It's funny in a very true way. I do my chores, but when I'm not supposed to. Sometimes I'll start cleaning my room when I'm supposed to be sleeping at all hours of the night! Well done. I have chosen your poem to use in an English project where we collect poems that follow a theme. Mine is humor. =)
This was a good one. My mom read it and dedicated it to me! It's just because, "I don't want to. "
This is brill even betta then sum of my own poems.
loved it
I loved this poem. It reminded me of Dr. Seuss stories. Thanks.
this poem was cool but most of the poems in the world are about the same. but yes i do like this poem and thanks because it will be perfect to read to my class in school
what can i say IT WAS ASOME i used it fro class the techer loved it if you need one 4 class pick this one
it is very very funny
this poem fits me!
I loved this poem! I often feel the exact same way!
I really liked ur poem. I have chosen it for a project assignment. I have to pick a poem that mean sumthing to me and this does. its just like my life
Im 14 years old and this poem sounds just like my life. i may be young but ive been through alot in those few years. i hate doing work, i only want to be with my freinds. and my room always has junk so i cant see my rug, and i always tell my parents "i'll do it tommorow, i promise"
i liked this poem because there somethings you just don't want to do
this poem rulz it is the best!:)
I think this is a really cool poem,because it sounds just like ME!
The reason I like this poem is because it relates to me a lot. I never want to clean my room or go and get the letters. I think this is a cool poem.
Great poem. it describes how many people walk around in life not wanting to do anything. But it's funny simple and cute
This is a really cool poem. It explans alot to teens that have a busy life. Why rack?? more leaves are just gonna come, right?

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