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The inspiration for this poem ought to be fairly self- explanatory. My family thought my poetry was too depressing and wondered if I could attempt to write something in a humorous vein. I tried.

The Bane Of Pain

I lay in bed, I thought 'twas dead
But for the pain, I can't explain
The pounding dread, within my head
Why won't it wane, cries out my brain.

Broken filling, dental drilling
O' curse the bane, of toothache pain
I'd be killing, if God's willing
To cease refrain of molar's pain.

What can relieve and grant reprieve
From curse, the bane, of toothache pain
It will alleve, I must believe
Or will abstain, from life mundane.

I cry aloud, I am not proud
Down on my knees, O' help me please
To God I vowed, if he allowed
Relief to ease, the pain appease.

I hear my wife, say stop the strife
Quit whining dear, or I do fear
I'll get a knife, to end your life
To me was clear, the end was near.

Consternation, tribulation
But then I see, it came to me
Inspiration, jubilation
Tylenol three, O' come to me.

I took the pill, and downed with swill
Pain's vacation, pure elation
It fit the bill, the blessed pill
Transcend dental medication.

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3 Visitor Comments

ha ha ha
OH, SO HILARIOUS, Tim!!! do we know each other? same feelings,,,,just finished reading your poem, Wings of the Angels; and liked it SO much, wanted to read more of your poems. It just so happened that, as I read the Angel poem, was having a toothache. I am going to the dentist to have a "wisdom" tooth removed in 2 days! THANKS!! you could go somewhere with your talent!!!
Good poem! I like The Lion also!

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