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Some poems are not for the weak of heart. Please read at your own risk the perilous adventures encountered in this epic journey.

The Lion

Please listen one, and listen all
To epic tale, as I recall
To weak of heart, I bid adieu
For now commence, my ode to you.

When I was six, or maybe younger
Down deep inside, I felt a hunger
To see the world, to set my sail
As to my quest, I would not fail.

I planned escape for dawn's first light
For still afraid the dark of night
With stealth I crept by parent's door
I jumped in fear, 'twas just Dad's snore.

On down the hall to living room
I did not know what terrors loom
I crouched in fear, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK
I sighed relief, just mantle's clock.

Then in search of bread and jelly
I could not leave on empty belly
O' would it cease, this hunger stop?
I could not reach the countertop.

My plan awry, I forged ahead
No turning back, once left my bed
With firm resolve, I left the house
As quiet as a frightened mouse.

Across the lawn, to fence out back
Prepared to face, unknown attack
What evils lurked? I must beware
Behind the shed, in jungle there.

Amidst the leaves, I heard a sound
It was a lion! My heart did pound
With razor teeth, and claws of steel
A certain death, what pain I'd feel.

What could I do? I had no gun
My only course, turn tail and run
Back in the house and down the hall
With panting breath, on bed did fall.

Then down the hall, I heard a door
Was Mom and Dad, they slept no more
I heard Mom say, "Now what was that? "
"Oh, back door's open, it's just the cat. "

My ode is over, and I must go
My tale of danger, my tale of woe
It is finished, the lesson heed
To all of you, goodbye, Godspeed.
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9 Visitor Comments

this is not just a poem this is a feeling
awsome poem i wish i could do one like dat
SO Cute, I Love It.
its awsome!
This is an awesome poem. I love it! It is an epic tale, yet a humorous bedtime story! It left me hungry for more! =)
I thought this poem was lovely and so well written, in the mind of a child, something most can relate to, creeping out of bed for midnight snacks, its a great poem and really enjoyed reading it :)
This poem kept me wanting more i thought that the poem flowed very well . Good Work
very interesting and well rhymed and it all flowed together really well it was a cute poem keep up the good work
Suspence is supported by well done rhyme, rythem, and rarely used words. Entertaining, fun and in all a very interesting poem.

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