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I wrote this poem shortly after my second daughter was born. It seems to intermingle the essence of a newborn purity and freshness with that of my own less than smooth life path - which nonetheless has brought me back to the peace and love I have today.


Tumbled from a cloud
rolled over and over
and out of its nest,
floats to the earth,
in so much dark yet

Landed in a tree,
top of a hill,
in colorful dreams
of soaring,
slept into the morning,
until something broke the chill.

Snowflake, special
different from all the rest,
and when you love what your doing
that's when you'll do your best,
with God's help we can pass any test.

With just enough light to see
it listens to a distant sound,
and caught a glimpse of the ocean
before the sun helped it to the ground.

Now a drop, it stumbled
into a swift moving stream
like a toboggan, flume, roller coaster,
such an ultimate adventure,
one wild and crazy screaming stream.

Snowflake, special different
from all of the rest
and when you love what you're doing
that's when you'll do your best,
then let God take care of the rest.

It slowly flows into a river,
wide ,slow, bold and free,
heard so much about the ocean,
learned so much, met so many,
there's so much love in the sea.
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8 Visitor Comments

That is really good i think that it was really good!
I really enjoyed your poem. As I have a child myself it really hit home with me. I was able to relate to your poetry. I look forward to reading more of your peotry.
I loved this poem. It touched me in a way I haven't been touched in a while. xoxoxo
It was very touching and exciting
your poem toched me so i thought i would tell u that
this was really great i enjoyed it very much
This is a very preety poem i felt your feelings you expressed your self beautiful. thank you i enjoyed it very much
Ths poems was nice one I like it a lot

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