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My Grandma has 8 children, 20 grandchildren, and about 17 great grandchildren, and yet she always makes time for each and ever one of us.

Dedicated to my wonderful grandma, I love you and will always remember those hot buttered yeast biscuits everyone likes so well.

Biscuits Of Love

Memories of my youth.
Flood over my soul.
When I think of Grandma.
They make me feel whole.
Gathering at her house.
With all the family there.
We made lots of memories.
For all of us to share.

Lessons that she taught me.
Guide me thru the day.
If I listened closely.
I cannot go astray.
Love and commitment.
She drilled into me.
Making the person that I am.
Just who I want to be.

Grandma has many names.
Each one has their chosen.
But the names I want her called
Starts with love,
For she is warm and not frozen.
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13 Visitor Comments

Mildred Diane
I love your Biscuits of Love poem. Whenever my family gets together and discuss memories of my mother, the first thing that comes to mind is her buscuits which were always made with love. Thank you
Great poem
I enjoyed the poem, because it made me feel that, it's a blessing to have a grandmother or grandfather.
This is a wonderful poem that expresses a universalness about grandmothers. It is a great poem.
It just reminded me of my Mother, who lived to be 100 years old, and taught me things that I would never had learned without her wisdom and knowledge.
i like it i'll give a 5
This poem touches my heart, because this is how I remember my mamaw! She held our family together, bless her soul. Thanks for the wonderful poem.
I really love your poem. I lost my Grandma 3 years ago, and she was not only my grandma, but my inspiration, my hope, and the person I want to become. She has 7 children also. My Grandma made my life such a happier place. She was seriously sent down from God to grace everyone's presence that she ever met. I will always miss her, and I will always love her. But, one day, we will meet again!
I love this poem, it reminds me of my Mommy Lucas who has now been gone for 16 years and I still miss her.
i love your poem, i just lost my grandmother and i remember all the times that she would sit down with me and just talk to me and tell me how much she loved me and how proud of me she is and this poem made remember that.
I love this poem it reminds me of my grandmother many years ago.
I thought your poem is brilliant and beautiful. I recently lost my grandmother and your word touched my heart deeply.

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