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I recieved the most precious gift of all two days before Christmas. That's the day my first daughter, Angel Marie Love, was born. She changed my life so much. She was born weighing 6lbs. 8ozs. 21 in. long with lots of hair. I wrote this poem for my little Angel. I hope you enjoy.


You've come to us so perfect, bringing joy we never knew,
Watching all the adorable things that you always do.
You truly are an Angel, we just can't see your wings,
But what else could explain the way that nature sings.
You'll never know how happy you've made your mommy and me,
The most precious gift from God, our little Angel Marie,
We'll raise you right, we'll try our very best,
And leave it up to fate to do all of the rest.
It seems as if I'm dreaming every time I hold you near,
Every time I hear you cry as I wipe each little tear.
An Angel from above, perfect in ever way,
Touching both our hearts every single day.
Mommy loves you, and Daddy does too,
You'll always be our baby girl, no matter what you do.
There's so much anticipation to watch you as you grow,
To teach you right and wrong and all things you need to know,
Mommy and Daddy will always be there,
To kiss you goodnight, and brush your long hair.
You came to us so perfect from heaven up above,
To be our little girl, Angel Marie Love.
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I loved this poem. It was fabulous! She's a lucky little girl to have such great loving parents.
this poem brought tears to my eyes...we just had a beautiful little girl December 29th, and you couldn't of picked better words thank you.....

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