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Memories and regrets go hand-in-hand, and even our most profound recollections of love and family can leave a bitter-sweet taste for what we failed to see.

The Candy Drawer

Well, we were just kids trying to get away-
With something we knew we shouldn't do.
Going over to Grandma's, sneaking off to play-
In the back room where we weren't supposed to.

Making sure no-one saw, behind us closing the door,
With my sister Sherry and my brother Andy.
Over to the dresser, sliding open the drawer,
Our eyes lit up as we saw all that candy.

Oh, we all got our share, there was plenty to spare.
Still, one by one, we'd all sneak back for more.
But we never thought about the candy ever running out-
From Grandma's "personal" candy drawer.

Somehow Time sped up and the visits slowed down.
Somewhere, the sweetness slipped from our thought.
Soon we were all married, living lives of our own,
And the drawer was all but forgot.

The day snuck up on us all, you were no-longer here.
Only the memories of what we shared before.
Why did it take your passing to see it so clear?
It wasn't for you, but for us, you filled that drawer.

Cause we all got our share with plenty to spare.
And when we came back, there always was more.
But we never thought about the candy ever running out-
From your "personal" candy drawer.

Oh, I cant help believe you were watching us then-
As I'm sure you are now are from heaven above.
Now, the drawer is empty, but I'll always remember when-
You filled it one piece at a time with your love.

Cause we were just kids getting away-
With something we were supposed to.
Sneaking off to the backroom to play,
Grandma, you always knew.
Is it too late, Grandma, to say thank you?
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8 Visitor Comments

This is a really beautifully written poem. It reminded me of how precious my family is to me and how unconditional their love is. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming piece of your work!
It brought memories back of my twin sister and myself eating the sweets we shouldn't have done Thanks Brenda
Wow. I have been looking at poems for hours now (school project). But this one just made me stop and read it thoroughly. I started crying. My great-grandmother who died earlier this year always had a box of candy. Even though she was diabetic she had cookies and sweets everywhere. She couldn't even shop for herself, but she always made sure we had our candy. Thanks so much for the memories.
What a beautiful poem you have witten. I am touched with it. I am using your poem for my secret santa, and I am giving her 2 candy bars. Every day for this two weeks, we can give our secret santa a little cute gift or poem to them. Your poem is the perfect one.
Good job. Brought a tear to my eye. My grandma had candy jars on top of her e. c. and always offered some to us when we came over. Never ran out, always something new for us to try. Now she & my grandpa are gone & I have to say thank you to their spirits. Thanks for the memory.
This poem made me cry, my grandparents have a candy drawer. They are still living though, but it really made me think how wonderful they are. Their candy drawer is famous at their house. Everyone opens it up as soon as they come over.
Sweet and touching. One that will be hard to forget. I should go and thank my grandmother now for her kindness.
Very, Very Heartwarming. Made us cry to remember. Thanks.

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