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This is about a friend of mine. It's always a shock to hear the kind of news I heard about her that night. Even now, going back and remembering it still shocks me. It hurts, but I know she'll always be here for me, no matter what.

A Faded Rose

A sunny summer morning,
A steamy August night,
Began with love and hopefulness;
And ended with shock and fright.
As we awoke and we found out
About the day before,
The shock set in; the grief began
And we felt it more and more -
The anger at those who caused this,
And at those who didn't care.
Still felt by some, it hasn't stopped
Because this isn't fair.
How different would our world be
Had this event not occurred.
The shock we never would have felt,
The crying never heard.
If this rose hadn't faded,
If this rose hadn't died,
Would we still all be happy,
And would we not have cried?
Or had she lived, would things be worse -
Not for us, but for her?
Her death horrific, yet merciful,
A blessing for the girl.
We haven't quite figured it out,
But one day we will know.
Without a doubt we'll all find out
And in our knowledge, grow.
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28 Visitor Comments

that is a rellay good poem
This poem is beautiful and made me cry. I often look for poems to remind me of my best friend, Emily Melton, who took her life through suicide on August 23 2005. I have not even began to get over it. I knew her since I was 4 and we were unseperable. This poem states exactly how she felt in her suicide letter she left to me. I wonder to this day what it would be like if she was still alive. thank you so much for writing this poem, I'm sorry for your loss and I hope that one day you two will meet up again. I hope and wish that every night me and Emily could share one more day, and I hope and wish the same for you.
i think this poem, sums up death. you never know wheteher it was a good thing or a bad thing. maybe it was destiny that his/her life ended then. who knows. this poem touched my heart.
It realy touched me keep writing
This poem reminds me of my love Jenny, as she passed on a late August morning. Beautifully written. Thank you.
This poem made me think of a rose that recently faded from my life. she was beautiful, she was amazing and she longed to make a difference. She was only eighteen and we all loved her so very much. I had known her for nine years, since we were in the third grade. She died six months ago from a rare childhood cancer rabdomyosarcoma. No one really thought she would die. She faught so hard, but in the end she wasn't strong enough to win the battle. She was my closest friend and you know it feels like she died only yesterday and she did make a difference. She made a difference in me.
omg. this is bringing tears to my eyes! I had a friend who had passed away just in May. It reminds me of her. Would she live but be in pain was this for the best? I really liked it. I'm sorry for your loss.
it just how i felt when the same thing happent to me
Moved me to tears. My best friend and her mother were victims of homicide, someone she once loved did it. Only poem in 2 years that I can relate to about her and how much I miss her!
this poem is amazing. my cousins lost their mother recently and it really fits their situation. its almost as if it was written for them. it will surely touch their hearts
I lost a special friend in 2002, my soulmate - Paul from Glos. I loved him dearly and still cant' believe he's gone. I think i'll miss him forever.
I just yesterday lost a friend/employee that I had only had the honor to know a short 7 months. He was so special and I want to thank you for your poem as it totally touched my heart.
I think this poem is very good and very sad. I have lost loved ones so many times i can't count. I give this poem a A+ because it's so good.
I Really enjoyed this poem because I can relate. My sister was killed in an accident on Feb. 2, 2003, by a drunk driver. We almost lost her boyfriend and her son, and one of his friends. By the grace of God, he sent them back to us. I give the Lord great Thanks, that he took her fast and she did not suffer. There are so many things worse than death and until someone has to face those things, they will never know how it would feel. I am very thankful that we didn't have to make the decision to pull the plug, her being a vegetable, or paralized. My sister was very active and that would not have been living to her. It seems as though the person that wrote this has been in the same place as us, it is a very powerful and touching poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I lost My sister on Decmber 17 ,2003 due to some heart problems ,she was only 26 and she had a pacemaker, your poem was totally my story of that decmber morning!
This is a beautiful poem. It reminds me of the young actress Laura Saddler who has recently died. We are all here for her at this time. Thnkyou for sharing this with us
I think that your poem was very nice cause that is the way that I had felt when I had just lost my friend yesterday (4/4/03). The weird thing is I just saw her a week ago at her school and then my best told me that she had passed away. I felt the feelings that you had in that poem. Good Job on the poem
What a beautiful poem. Like all beautiful things, it comes with a truth which defies time, and transcends our experience. And asks questions for which there are no answers. Sleep well, sweet Anissa, the world is the worse for your passing.
in the past month i found out that my uncle is sick, may be dying, my cousin's baby died in birth, and a dear friend of mine died. i was devasted by the seemingly ever growing amount of pain i have been experiencing. my friend was the sweetest person in the world, there was NO one like him. i will miss him dearly. when i found out that he died, i thought i would die too. this poem expresses well the feelings that i felt.
this poem means the world to me i am ever glad for someone like you. my very best friend passed away in a car accitdent she was popular in school. she was loved by many people when time came for her funeral over 200 people came. it was the most dreadful day for me to think of. she will alway be in my heart i love you "frog" In Rememberance of Jesseca Renee
it was a sweet made me think of when r&b singer/songwriter Aaliyah died..everything the poem described was what i was feelin when she died.she was loved by all.may u rest peacefully
hey, this was a very nice poem. very touching. sorry about ur friend. remeber i loved ur poem!
This poem reminds me of when my sister was killed in a car accident. It touched my heart.
This poem was really sweet. It reminded me of the pain I went through when my best friend died a few years ago. This poem helped me realize that I have to find my peace.
This poem was very moving.
I had two deaths occur to very dear people this past weekend and this poem expressed a-lot of feeling that have been welling up.

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